The title might sound shocking for some and may be absurd for many others. But this is true. Google’s Android devices are outselling Apple’s iPhones according to a report just released by NPD, a leading market research company. The report says that the strong sales of Droid, Droid Eris, etc. from Verizon Wireless made it possible for the Android to take the lead over Apple’s OS.


It is true that whenever we refer to Android phones, it is a combination of multiple mobile phones running on the Google Android operating system, while Apple has just one model – iPhone competing against all these Android phones. Still, this is a matter of great significance since it is the first time ever the Android based phones have been sold more than iPhones.

Soon enough we will see that Google’s open sourced operating system – Android will overpower Apple’s Iphone OS in terms of market share, majorly due to the fact there are multiple handsets, manufacturers and carriers using Android. Given the market share, it will also result in higher App support for the Android phones and better sales when it comes to App store.

What this means for App developers and app lovers?

The developers will now get additional incentive to develop more and more apps for Android phones, since they now have a higher market share to target and moreover they need not face those stringent rules of Apple’s app-store.

Having said that, Apple has multiple devices running their iPhone OS – like iPod Touch and iPads. Also a new iPhone model is due for release this quarter which should still keep the developers interesting.

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