Breaking news about Facebook and yet again it is all for wrong reasons. A new spam is making rounds which is spreading like wildfire. It goes like this – “, this is without doubt the sexiest video ever! 😛 😛 :P”


It entices the users with Candid Camera Prank and what more, it’s a HQ (high quality) version video! The accompanying image should make most men click it without a second thought.

Clicking on the video actually redirects you to some oooas_wqqa Facebook app. This should be enough of an indicator of a spam app, but if you still go ahead and install the app, it will automatically posts a wall message to your friends.

In case you have fallen prey to the scam and installed the app, Go to Account on top right tab bar, Click that and select Application Setting under that and remove access to the app named “winamp“.

This is not the first time Facebook has been hit with spam apps. Remember the Pay to Use Facebook pages and ‘Who is Checking my Facebook Profile’ spam apps? Alas! Facebook hasn’t learnt anything from them. They still don’t seem to have proper screening of apps before approving them.

Have I started to admire Apple for their handling of App store?

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15 thoughts on ““This is Without Doubt the Sexiest Video Ever!” [Facebook Spam]

  1. I was about to fall prey to this, but pressed the “don’t allow” button when the app asked for permissions – I smelled a rat at that moment as videos don’t need permissions!

  2. when you click it,. the application automatically sends the copy of the link “Candid Camera Prank” to all the friends of the victim,.. and that’s how it is spreading on all the users walls. thanks for this posts….harsh

  3. how do i stop that msg from further spamming my a.c
    its already send it to many in ma a/c damn i should have thought of it like shahab did man…

    ne ways any one knows how to delete it…

  4. Same, didn’t click on allow. But I think we should find this video, looks interesting 😀

    BTW are you sure it is enough to remove the app? I searched a solution for an infected friend and the other solution I found also has instructions about deleting TMP files and running antivirus scan…

    • @Покер,
      You can take all precautionary measures as you like, but unless you downloaded the .exe file, I don’t see a reason to worry too much

  5. It does put an exe file on your desktop, an icon. It appears to be an adware worm. As long as you do not click on the exe file and install it, your are fine. Just delete it without opening it

  6. Good to see this article here about facebook spam. I received few messages from my friends but fortunately I don’t have the time to watch it. I guess that’s what saved me!!

    Any way thanks for letting us know.

  7. this damn app ruins my wall, yet if this app write unwanted status on my friends wall… facebook have to fix their system or we will leave facebook for safety and privacy reason.

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