Facebook has definitely not learnt its lesson. Less than a week since Sexiest Video ever spam spread through the Facebook via non-moderated apps, there is a brand new clickjacking spam going around and spreading really fast.

This time it is titled “Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length : 5:32“. So the modus operandi remains the same – a malicious app masked as a sexy video enticing users to click and install it and then taking control of the victim’s friends list and automatically spreading itself through the wall posts.

What to do & What not to do?

I need not repeat, but do not ever click on such malicious links, now that it is getting way too common. If you have been hit, you should delete the offending message from your page, scan your computer with an up-to-date anti-virus, change your passwords, review your Facebook application settings. Also, learn an important lesson: don’t be so quick to click on unsolicited links and approve unknown applications in the future.

Time to Learn the lesson Dear Facebook

Let me reiterate. There MUST be some sort of moderation required before the applications get approved on Facebook. I do not know if there is any filtration process which gets followed on Facebook, even if there is one, it has to get tougher. Facebook is already facing several privacy intrusion charges, and now these security lapses will definitely leave a huge dent on their popularity.

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