Almost 6 months since the beta version of Google Chrome made its way on to Mac and Linux platforms, Google has finally released the stable versions of Chrome for both Mac and Linux today. In their announcement post, Google has claimed that this version of Chrome will be the fastest ever on Mac and Linux.

We’re particularly excited to bring Chrome for Mac and Linux out of beta, and introduce Chrome’s first stable release for Mac and Linux users.


Google announced that the stable release comes with a host of new features. You’ll be able to synchronize not only bookmarks across multiple computers, but also browser preferences, including themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, preferred languages, and even page zoom settings.

Also, Mac and Linux users will have access to whole list of Google Chrome extensions. You can enable each extension to work in incognito mode through the extensions manager. Also, HTML5 features such as Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop are incorporated in this latest stable release.

The users would need to wait for Adobe Flash Player integration into Chrome, as the current release doesn’t include this feature yet. As such, with this stable release, Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux should be on a level playing field.

Download Chrome for Mac and Linux

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