Moms in general and Indian moms in specific are often considered to be someone who always break their heads about the children’s exams or worry about kids’ birthday parties or just keep a tab on other household chores. But things have changed now. Microsoft Advertising in partnership with Starcom MediaVest have released a first of its kind survey on the online lives of mothers which has broken many a myth and created a never-before targeted group of audience online – Digi Moms.


Mothers these days are much more than just the ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ to their children. Yummy Mummies today, in India and other Asian countries, are finding their own internet identity and are becoming a huge part of audience for advertisers.

Indian Moms on Social Networking sites

As we have seen over the last couple of years, social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have become major advertising hubs. According to Microsoft and Starcom survey,

Indian moms are amongst the lowest users of social networking with just about 58% maintaining a social networking profile compared to an 82% in Singapore, 77% in Hong Kong and 62% in China and Korea. 81% moms prefer reading newspapers and magazines online and books top the list of shopping items on her list.

So, it is not all fun and games for Indian digi-moms. As per the survey,

Indian mothers spend 56% of their total time on the internet either for work or study. Family is the most important aspect of their lives and 90% of the moms use the internet to connect with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean that her personal life is any less important with 75% of mums saying that internet is her ‘Me Time’ activity.

Creating and spreading brand awareness amongst these tech-savvy moms can help the advertisers in a big way, since these moms are increasingly using technology to their benefit in every possible way.

More than 90% of the moms agree that good brands or products are worth talking about and more than 72% said that they can persuade friends and family to buy the same products further re-emphasizing the fact that Moms love to Talk!


It is also true that mothers trust other moms.

While 72 percent of mothers rely on recommendations from family and friends to make purchases, 75% say the top source of family product information is search engines. 51% moms trust other moms online even if they don’t know them, who are professional or authoritative in specified areas for child/ family information.

For the survey analysis of digi-moms in other Asian countries, check out the official press release from Microsoft advertising.

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