All the speculations about Project Natal’s pricing should end here (not quiet yet!). According to some trusted sources, Project Natal will be released on October 26th 2010 and will be priced at $149 in US. This price is a lot higher than what the hardcore gamers were expecting hoping it to be.

Even the Sony Playstation’s MOVE is expected to be priced much lower than Natal, though Natal does offer more than just motion gaming. Microsoft will bundle the motion sensing camera with Xbox 360 Arcade console for $299.


Some European retailers had earlier suggested that Natal will be priced at €150, thankfully the actual price will not be that high. The source reveals that the worldwide launch will be on October 26th, but the date could yet shift by a few weeks either way.

It is also rumored that Microsoft is keen to rechristen Project Natal to some interesting and catchy name very soon. We can expect that to happen during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010.

Will you still be buying Natal at $149? Do share your views.

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