A big news! Apple might actually be kicking out Google search from iPhones and replace it with Microsoft’s Bing. TechCrunch reports that this might very well happen since they have got hold of the news from multiple sources who claims to have been briefed on the matter. The sources include those at Apple as well as Google.


There were always speculations about Microsoft and Apple being in talks relating to search deal for iPhone operating system. The actual reason for ousting Google search is unknown but TechCrunch speculates the reason like this

Multiple sources at Google tell us that in informal discussions with Apple over the last few months Apple expressed dismay at the number of core iPhone apps that are powered by Google. Search, maps, YouTube, and other key popular apps are powered by Google. Other than the browser, Apple has little else to call its own other than the core phone, contacts and calendar features.

I would find it really surprising if Google search is completely kicked out of iPhone OS. But the recent rumors of Steve Ballmer making an appearance at WWDC 2010 ehances the credibility of these rumors. Yes, Microsoft quickly debunked the rumor of Steve Ballmer’s appearance at WWDC 2010, it might still happen someone else from Microsoft will announce the Bing search for iPhone OS!

We will keep you updated with these rumors.

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