Today, we have a new entrant amongst the highly competitive DNS provider space. Symantec has joined the bandwagon with their Norton DNS as a part of their new initiative called Norton Everywhere that attempts to take Norton beyond the PC and extend trust to new devices and consumer applications.

Norton Everywhere initiative spans the areas of mobile safety, web safety across any device and embedded services on smart devices in addition to the Domain Naming Services.For the uninitiated, DNS (domain naming service) is a naming system for computers and other devices connected to private computer networks or the Internet. One of the most important tasks of DNS is to translate domain names into IP addresses that computer use for communication purposes.

Till some time back, users were forced to use the DNS provided by their ISPs, which used to be highly dependent upon the ISP’s infrastructure, network speed and censorship implementations. Open DNS was the first third party DNS provider based on community recommendations. Then entered Google with their own DNS service aimed at speeding up the web by reducing domain name lookup times and also reducing web censorship.

Norton DNS


Symantec’s Norton DNS is the latest entrant in the DNS provider market. Norton DNS is currently in public beta. The easiest way to use the Norton DNS is to change the DNS settings to: and

In case you need any help on changing the DNS settings, Norton provides in depth instructions for both Mac and Windows Operating systems here.

It looks like Norton is using information from Norton Safeweb to block malicious site requests automatically. Just like Google DNS, Norton claims to provide faster, safer, and more reliable Internet experience through their DNS service. You might be interested in checking out who is the Fastest DNS provider.

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