Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference will run from June 7 to 11 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center West. Apple is dubbing this year’s WWDC The Center of the App Universe,” indicating Apple’s focus is on iPhone OS-based devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


According to Apple, this year the WWDC event will focus on “five key technology tracks: Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS.”


Traditionally, the keynote address at WWDC has been of key importance since the announcement of new iPhone devices have always come during these keynotes. The rumors of the next generation iPhone have been making rounds for a long time now. To add on to that, there are some other rumors making round which has increased the expectations surrounding the WWDC 2010 for both the developers and consumers alike.

10 Things to Watch For in Apple WWDC 2010

1. iPhone 4G / iPhone HD

This has to be THE MOST expected/hoped/prayed announcement of the whole event for both the consumers and developers. There have been umpteen rumors for a long time about the new iPhone. The lost iPhone 4G saga made headlines for months and now the time has arrived for the brand new iPhone to be officially announced. All we have to see is how much of the rumors surrounding the next gen iPhone are actually true! Will Apple still manage to surprise us?

2. iPhone OS 4


iPhone OS 4 was announced on April 8 with some exciting features like multi-tasking, multitouch gestures and refreshed homepage. Currently iPhone OS 4 is in developer beta (version 4), hence we are expecting the final release of iPhone 4.0 during the 4 day event. If not the final release, at-least a beta release is expected.

3. CDMA iPhone on Verizon

Now this is something more of a wish than expectation. There are some rumors floating around the web about the new iPhone being launched on CDMA via Verizon and thereby releasing the users from their misery of bearing the crappy AT&T network. Steve Jobs’ answer at D8 was rather a mixed bag, so we are not quite sure if this gonna happen at WWDC 2010, but we will surely hope so!

4. New iPod Touch

Along with the new iPhone HD, there are strong indications of the next gen iPod Touch device being announced during the WWDC 2010. There were some leaked images sometime back showing the new iPod Touch with a camera, which has increased the expectations of lot of Apple fanboys multi-fold!

5. iAds


This was one of the key announcements made in April along with that of iPhone OS 4 – Apple’s very own iAds advertising network. During the sneak peek of the next OS, Apple showed off some advertising mock-ups the company had made, but nothing from an actual advertising partner. This is something which would excite the developers more than the consumers.

6. iPad OS 3.3 / 3.2.1

Though the release of iPhone OS 4.0 final is a bit sketchy, we can surely expect the release of iPad OS 3.3 or 3.2.1, as Apple had earlier accepted the issue with Wi-fi in iPads and had promised a fix via the new firmware update. That newfirmware update is what we expect to come during WWDC 10.

7. Safari 5


This is one of the latest rumors we are hearing with regards to WWDC 2010. Apple is expected to give a major push to the Safari browser line with tons of new features over any of the previous versions in an effort to make it a superior browser compared to Google Chrome and Opera. Along with the Safari 5 release, there are rumors of Safari reader making its way into the browser.

8. MobileMe – Free version


MobileMe, the badly marketed subscription service from Apple, which is used to push email, contacts, and calendar events over the air to all your devices is expected to get a Free version. Some of the current MobileMe subscribers, have recently noticed a change in “Account Type” status which hints at a possibility that Apple might be making this service free after all.

9. iTunes on the Cloud

Apple purchased the online Streaming service Lala and now seems to have plans to bring streaming to the iTunes. The plan could be like purchasing your music and store it into cloud, and later stream to any of your iDevice, over the air. This will be a huge step forward for Apple which has been lacking in terms of cloud based technology over Google.

10. Game Center


During April we had a sneak-peek at Apple’s new social gaming network called Game Center. Game Center can tie into iPhone games and will include things like the ability to challenge your friends to a game and a matchmaking service that lets you find an opponent you don’t know. Since WWDC is more about developers, we would expect Apple to let us see this feature in a greater detail or provide some new demos.

There are few other things like new Mac Pros, new Macbook Air, new Apple TV and new Mac OS X expected to be announced during the WWDC 2010. With just a day to go, we don’t need to wait for long to see which of these expectations come true. And yeah, you can watch WWDC 2010 live online if you wish to get the news right on the mark. Or else, you can always wait for us to summarize it for you right here.

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