WWDC 2010 will kick-off in less than 6 hours from now, with Steve Jobs’ keynote and we now have a fresh set of pictures leaked from Korea supposedly of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G, showing the back panel, and other parts of the white model of the next-gen iPhone.

This is not the first time the photos of the back panel of the rumored iPhone HD were leaked. Some of the blogs in Vietnam had shared the pictures of both the black and white models. Assuming that these pictures are indeed true, it should be someone in China, Vietnam or Korean region have got loads of these parts and they are selling it off to make loads of money right before the official announcement by Jobs.


Never before we had seen such leaks coming out for Apple related products. Even the much hyped Apple tablet – iPad was a closed secret till the last day. Ever since Gizmodo got hold of lost stolen iPhone 4G prototype, there have been numerous leaks of different parts of the next gen iPhone from different parts of the world, specially Asia.



In case these pictures turn out to be true, it would mean we already know almost everything about the upcoming iPhone, including its features, but except for the name! That is because, Steve Jobs alone knows about it and not anyone else!


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