Apple iPhone 4, released two days back brings in lot of new features and one of them being MicroSIM support similar to that in iPad. If you are on a cellular company which doesn’t provide MicroSIM and you want to use your standard sized SIM for iPhone 4, here is a simple way to make the normal SIM (also referred to as Mini SIM) fit in iPhone 4’s SIM holder.


Transform Normal SIM to Micro SIM

One can manually cut the mini-SIM into a MicroSIM using a butcher knife, but that involves quite a bit of risk and a steady hand. The better way involves using a Sim Cutter

Cut My Sim delivers a perfect Micro Sim for the new iPhone4 and the iPad – from your own mini-sim card!


This stainless steel Micro Sim Cutter is specially made to do just that job. It cuts a perfect Micro Sim out of your normal sim. What’s more? You can reconstruct your MicroSIM back to the standard sized SIM. This is handy if you want to use your new Micro Sim in devices that need normal sims.

The price of the brand new “Cut My Sim” including “Back to Normal” is only $25 or 19.95 Euro. If you preorder right now, they are offering free worldwide shipping!

Check CutMySIM

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