If you are in US, India, UK and other countries, when you buy an iPhone, Apple ties up the iPhone 4 device you are buying to a local telecom provider like AT&T, Vodafone, O2 or Airtel. The service providers in turn subsidize the price of iPhone 4 by more than half of its actual price. But in turn forcing you to sign a contract (usually 2 years) to use their voice and data plans.

But in few countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, NewZealand etc, due to government policies and restrictions, Apple is forced to sell factory unlocked iPhone 4. These factory unlocked iPhones are nothing but legally unlocked iPhones which are NOT tied to any one service provider as in US and UK. You are free to use these factory unlocked iPhone 4 devices with any cellular service provider ANYWHERE in the world, without voiding your Apple warranty.

Update: Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S for Cheap

Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 for Cheap

We had earlier written a guide on where to buy unlocked iPhone 3G/3GS for cheap price. There we had mentioned how and why buying legally unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong Apple store is the best and saves you money as well.

iPhone 4 purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier. Simply insert the SIM from your current phone into iPhone 4 and connect to iTunes to complete activation.

As I mentioned earlier, since they’ve been unlocked at the factory, these iPhones can always be updated and they’re covered under standard Apple warranties. This is because, in countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, it is illegal for Cell phone companies to mandate their customers to have a contract with any ONE service provider. So, if you ever touch down at Hong Kong airport or Australia or New Zealand for a holiday or business trip, don’t forget to grab a Factory unlocked iPhone 4 from the local Apple Online Store.

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices


The prices of factory unlocked iPhone 4 haven’t been announced yet by Apple. At the time of writing this post, Apple has announced iPhone 4 for five countries alone, and none of them have factory unlocked iPhone 4. Apple is expected to announce iPhone 4 in 55 more countries in July 2010 which might include countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium etc which will definitely get legally unlocked iPhone 4 versions.

If we go by the prices of iPhone 4 in US, which are exactly same as those for iPhone 3GS models (whose prices were reduced after the launch of iPhone 4), we expect the cost of factory unlocked iPhone 4 in Hong Kong to be-

iPhone 4 – 16GB (factory unlocked): HK$ 5,388 i.e USD 695 (or 570 Euro) *approx*
iPhone 4 – 32GB (factory unlocked): HK$ 6,288 i.e USD 812 (or 667 Euro) *approx*

Beside HK, Apple stores in NZ and Australia might also get iPhone 4 but at not-so-cheap prices, as the service providers are only authorized to unlocked iPhone 4. The approximate expected prices of iPhone 4 are

iPhone 4 16 GB (factory unlocked):
New Zealand 1,150.00 NZD = 655.033 EUR = 791 USD
Australia 879.00 AUD, 617.287 EUR, 746.991 USD
iPhone 4 32 GB (factory unlocked):
New Zealand 1,349.00 NZD, 928.172 USD, 768.422 EUR
Australia 1,040.00 AUD, 882.469 USD, 730.121 EUR

Keep a tab on this post for updates as and when official prices of iPhone 4 factory unlocked versions are announced.

Update 1: Surprise!! surprise!! Apple has announced unlocked iPhone 4 in UK, France and Canada at not so pleasing prices

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in UK – £499
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in UK – £599

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in France – €629
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in France – €739

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB in Canada – $649
Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 32GB in Canada – $749

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218 thoughts on “Where To Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 for a Cheap Price?

  1. i called the apple store in US and got to know that an unlocked version of iPhone4 is available for 599$ for the 16 gig version. And the 32 gig version for 699$. Will it be available at the same price in hong kong?

    • @Shankar,
      The iPhone is sold as officially unlocked in addition to being sold as carrier locked by the official carrier, i.e AT&T. The full retail sales price or no-commitment/no-contract sales price for the iPhone 4 in the U.S. is $599 for the 16GB & $699 for the 32GB, which remains carrier locked with AT&T.
      But we are talking about officially unlocked with carrier unlocked version, whose prices are not yet clear

  2. Nice post Raju but buying a locked iPhone and then unlocking it would be a better option. It will cost atleast $300-400 less?

  3. @saket,
    Factory unlocked iPhones come with genuine Apple warranty, jailbreaking and unlocking voids the warranty and they are risky as well.

    I am not very sure about this, but I have heard that the courier companies don’t accept mobile phones to be sent from Aus.

    Yes, it does work.

  4. Plz can any1 tell me that if i bring iphone4 or even iphone 3gs from U.S. or ne other place to india..
    then will i b able 2 unlock it in india and use it in india…..
    plz help..

  5. Quick question, will you have to purchase the iphone 4 from Apple online Hong Kong or is there like some other site out there for ordering a iphone 4 from Hong Kong?

  6. Ok, remember the saying “seek and you shall find”. Well, I was doing a little bit of research and find the answer to my questions. I was wondering about the translation of Apple online in Hong Kong and found out that its available in English…..ROGER THAT!! Although it sucks that the iphone 4 isn’t available over there yet but I wil be looking forward to purchasing one from Hong Kong.

  7. Hey .. yes i understanding getting a locked phone from somewhere n unlocking it would be cheaper.. n i intend on doing to that tooo.. getting a locked fone from US n unlocking it to use in India.. but would it cause any problem regarding future upgrades or anything to my phone ?? or unlocking it would make it equal to a factory unlocked iphone ?

  8. Im going to HK on the 28th of June
    I plan on getting an iPhone 4
    Should i go to the apple store or what should i do?

    • iPhone 4 is expected to be released in HK only in July, in case you can stay back till the release, it is better to visit Apple store and buy it

  9. Hi Reju.. at This moment, you can buy the factory unlocked black iPhone 4 from Apple store in UK, France, Hong Kong and i found the best price till now is the UK store.. but the problem for me is that when u try to buy it from UK or France you have to have a credit card from Europe because of the billing address.. coz the courier company can provide a UK & US only addresses..
    Can anybody help me please to find a trusted website that can sell and ship internationally ??
    Thanx a lot in advance..

  10. @ G T,
    yes factory unlocked means it’ll work on T-Mobile US’s EDGE network just not the 3G AWS, since 1700 Mhz is missing and they only have 2100 Mhz band on the new iPhone 4.
    However, all this is moot since you’ll also have to cut your SIM card into a Micro-SIM card (like the iPad)

  11. So if it uses *only* a micro-SIM card, who carries those? I mean, if I get an unlocked phone, but AT&T is the only carrier selling micro-SIMs, then I’m still “locked” into using them, right?

    And what about other countries. If I have an iPhone4 and go to Thailand (for example), how difficult will it be to get a SIM card with a local Thai number for use in my iPhone4?

  12. @Doug hence why he said that you will have to cut your T-Mobile SIM card into the micro-sim size. I haven’t read any reports confirming if this actually works with the iphone 4, but it has been shown to work with the iPad so it is likely.

    btw, your question about getting a local Thailand SIM card is irrelevant of having an iphone—and yes, it should be fairly easy to get a pre-paid SIM card any country you go. The main issue that should concern you is if you can get a local Thailand micro-sim card (a moot point if cutting any normal sized SIM card to micro-sim size works just fine). =p

  13. Hello from Romania I am Calin Mihai from Constanta Romania what is the right price from iPhone 4 in my country please Thank so much

  14. Oh my! You mean @Robert was serious about cutting the SIM? I thought he was being facetious. So I guess the part that gets cut off has none of the circuit board (chip, whatever) in it, eh? I wonder who thought of trying that the first time. :p

  15. Hi All

    Does anyone can help me , where can purchase iphone 4 16GB (factory unlocked) version in United state ?

  16. Hi, how can I buy an iPhone 4 from UK and ship it to Norway? The reason why I’m asking, is that if I order it from the UK Apple Store, I can’t ship it to Norway… Any help appreciated as the iPhone 4 costs about $1560 here :'(

  17. Hey – can we expect the cost of unlocked 3gs to fall , just like the contract ones have fallen to 99$ ?

    The current price of an unlocked one in US is like 500$ .. anyone got any news around the price fall ?

  18. hey i checked apple store uk they r selling iphone 4 but i think,they r not factory unlocked they r no contract phones but not unlocked ( unlocked mean i can use any carrier like if i wnt to use in germany i have to take T mobile sim i can not use vodafone and base and all
    reply me or better mail me

  19. its like not bound with phone but u have to subcriber which have tie up with iphone in ur country.its not proper unlocked as we r talking abt unlocked so its not .you can not use any subcriber ..i checked uk apple store they r selling no contact phone but, it doest mean tht u can use any subscriber…u have to use home country apple carrier

  20. is unlocked iphone 4 launched in USA and if launched then at what prices my dad goes to USA every 2 months can he buy it for me and when he returns i am able to use it in INDIA with any network
    can anyone guide me on this

  21. As far as I know, no new unlocked Iphones are available in the US. But you can get those in other countries like. I bought my 3G unlocked Iphone from Italy almost 2 years ago, perfect with full access to Itune.

  22. @ikato:so you are trying 2 say that i can bye an iphone 4 from canada ,uk,france……….where they are available factory unlocked……and i can use it in INDIA……..

  23. @avvjit,
    your understanding is right

    ulocked iPhone 4 are available in US for $600

    what you have mentioned is the difference between carrier unlock and factory unlock versions of iPhone 4

  24. hi!where i can buy unlocked iphone 4 32 Gb in california or it’s better to buy it in singapoure?answers:a797m@ya.ru
    thak u

  25. It’s too bad the prices for unlocked iPhone4’s in Canada is 650 Canadian dollars – I thought they’d be cheaper than that. Where’s the cheapest place internationally to get an unlocked iPhone4?

  26. Hi Raju,

    Do you have any information whether BSNL 3g is compatible with i phone 4? i am planning to get an unlocked one,


  27. Ok wait, to make this clear – if you live in the US, would the best option for getting an *unlocked* iphone 4 be to get it from another country by either traveling or having somebody ship it to you?

    I’m confused because in one post you say that the “unlocked” iphones that you can get in US are “locked” to at&t, just with no commitment/contract; while in the other post you say that “unlocked iphone 4’s are availble in the US for $600″…so are you saying that *unlocked* iphone 4’s are actually available in the US for such a price? or are they “unlocked” but are actually still locked? I know you can buy an unlocked iphones in hong kong, au, uk, singapore, etc, i’m just confused about the possibility of obtaining an unlocked iphone 4 sourced from the US of A.

    Bottom line is: I live in the US. What is the best option for me regarding purchasing an unlocked iphone 4?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I misread or missed anything anybody said; it’s just that I’ve been waiting for an unlocked iphone 4 for over a month already – it’s getting ridiculous.

    • The $600 unlocked phone is what some readers claim to be available in US, but I have no information about it and hence can’t vouch for it. The best option is to buy it from other countries, specially HK. Getting it shipped via courier is costly, so the better option is to get it when you visit HK or if you have some friends/relatives coming from HK

  28. It’s seems that you missed my previous message… 🙂

    Hi Reju.. at This moment, you can buy the factory unlocked black iPhone 4 from Apple store in UK, France, Hong Kong and i found the best price till now is the UK store..
    But the problem for me is that when u try to buy it online from UK or France you have to have a credit card from Europe because of the billing address.. coz the courier company can provide a UK & US only addresses..

    Would you help me please to find a trusted website that can sell and ship internationally ??

    Thanx a lot in advance..

    • @taboo,
      The prices for iPhone 4 in HK has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be same as what iPhone 3GS used to cost. In that case it will be cheaper than what it is in UK. Anyway, I do not know of any trusted website which ships internationally, even if there is one, the shipping charges would anyway take the overall price high enough

  29. hi please any one will tell me in in philippness where i can buy 4g 16 gb i need more then 5 pcs hongkong or singaproe

  30. To Raju
    I want to buy one iphone 4 unlocked from u.s
    you’re said the price is 600$
    where I can buy it (wich place in u.s) Describe to me please,?
    and Is it working in saudi arabia?

    I’m waiting you 🙂

  31. Hi Raju,

    I am in Saudi Arabia. If I buy iphone 4 unlocked from HK Apple Online Stores, will it work? Please reply. Thanks in advance. Amir

    • Yes it will work. Do not forget to double check if the iPhone you are buying is “factory unlocked” because they sell the locked versions as well.

  32. hello Raju
    can you inform me how to buy a iphone 4 g factory unlocked online?
    i’m in saudi arabia
    if there is any trustable sites!!
    i found a website i’m not sure if i can trust them or not:
    please check and let me know
    thanks in advance

  33. Hi Raju,

    I stay in the US and can have one of my friends in canada to buy a never locked iphone 4. But is it legal to have my friend ship the phone to my US address? Please advise. I understand that we need a Canadian credit card for purchasing the phone either from apple.ca website or from one of the apple stores.


    • My reply is only based on logical reasoning. I have no prior experience and first hand knowledge about this. I believe your friend can pay by cash or through his credit card and you can then pay him separately. About legality, there should be no issue at all.

  34. Hi Everybody,

    Here’s the latest price for factory unlocked Iphone 4 from apple store
    16G = 499 GBP
    32G = 599 GBP
    I guess there are the best prices throughout coz people from europe are buying from here and selling it or sending there. I’m not sure about the US if they have any better deals than this.

  35. Dear Raju
    The prices in this stores are the same as in official apple store? Can I go there and buy iPhone 4 unlock there?

    • Yes, the prices of all Apple products have been same (while some were even cheaper), so I expect iPhone 4 to be priced same as well. Just make sure that the phone is factory unlocked and not coming with a contract.

  36. i want to buy iphone 4 i will be in europe and uk can u please suggest me as to where can i buy the phone

    i wana buy factory unlocked is it possible that i just walk into apple store in france/italy / paris / uk and directly buy or

    i need to make a online booking if i want to buy it in uk

    plzzzz guide

  37. Does anybody know if the Unlocked Iphone 4 is available at the Apple Stores Shops in Paris, or are they selling it only on-line?
    Thanks a lot!

  38. Buy online on apple website (Canada, UK, Singapore, etc) when you in those country, they don’t ship outside the country.

  39. hey Raju … please tell me i have a i-phone 4 bought under a contract in Australia and as well as an HTC HD2 .

    if i was to use one of the two phones in INDIA.. which would you recommend .. i personal like the i phone but have no clue about unlocking it or clipping the Sim Card down …. never done it before..

    I know this thread is about price of the unlocked i-phone , but please if you can suggest would be great


    • iPhone 4 is the best smartphone yet (Disclaimer: statement’s coming from an iPhone user), so there is no question of comparison. If the iPhone 4 you have has not been updated to iOS 4.0.2 yet, I would suggest you to jailbreak and unlock it (search for guides on techpp), as they are very easy. Else, go for HTC HD2. As for micro-sim, you would need to buy a cutter and with that it is very easy.

  40. Hi Raju, I am thinking of buying iPhone 4 from Hong Kong cuase it is the cheapest. I have 2 concerns:first, would it work anywhere outside Hong Kong. Secondly, would they be able to ship it.



  41. Raju; Is there any Apple official store in Singapore to buy directly ıphone 4 unlocked without waiting for shipment and delivery from on line store.

  42. Raju, thanks for the information. Please can you help me for the following scenarios :

    Scenario 1: I get a iPhone from US which is activated with AT & T network there. Can I use it in India by ‘jailbreaking’ or ‘unlocking’ ?

    Scenario 2: I get a iPhone from US which is NOT activated with any service provider. Can I use it in India with Airtel sim card?

  43. hey..
    if i get iphone 4 from US, can i use it in india and newzealand.. is it possible ? if yes thn what do i need to do???? plz ans as soon as possible..

  44. @Author

    You said the Hong Kong airport and I am going to my home town via Hong Kong airport, i have to wait at the airport for 2hr for my next flight. Please tell me if it is possible to purchase from the airport. Or any other means to get if from Hong Kong while in the airport.


  45. Dear Raju, just want to ask why my post not showing up?!
    I just introduced our company and said that we always have live stock of apple products.

  46. yeah….the i phone is in high demand in all places…HK has been out of stock for over a month since i’ve been there…my frnds jst coming today and he too had no luck..

  47. dear raju : i want to buy a legally factory unlocked iphone 4 from HONG KONG…..from where should i buy …..from HK airport or any other store u know in HK…..waiting for your reply raju….please suggest me the place in HK where i would get iphone 4 at a cheap rate….

    ritika .

    • depends on how long you will be in HK and where you will be put up. I heard that there is a shortage of iPhone 4 right now in HK, in any case buying in retail stores like Fortress & Broadway is better as per my opinion.

  48. Hello Raju

    In USA many wireless store sell NEW UNLOCKED and jail broken APPLE I PHONES .with some software .is it possible that they are are new.. can i trust them ..?


  49. Many people told me that Chinese iphone 4 is the cheapest and factory unlocked, thats awesome!
    any possible way for me to get an iphone 4 from china without me traveling there? XD

  50. Hello all,

    I need to buy an iphone 4 unlock online in Singapore or HK and get it shipped to sweden .
    Do you know where i can buy this ?

    Thanks a lot

  51. In Brazil all service providers sell unlocked Iphone4 (there is a law that forbides locking phones). However, they are about R$1800,00 or something like US$1000.00.

  52. HI Raju,
    I have recently bought a IPhone 4 from US at $710 without AT&T Contract.But how can i get it unlock and use it in India.it i get it unlock in India,wuld it would be able to register with Itunes or Not

    • so you have a carrier locked iphone bought without contract? in that case you need to unlock it to use it in India. But it needs to get hacktivated (which you refer as registering with itunes). Make sure the existing iOS version on the phone is hacktivatable before proceeding.

      • it wont need to get hactivated ..
        no commitment iphone 4 comes with at&t sim in the phone itself all u have to do is connect it to itunes it will ask u to register ur new iphone sync n u will get to home scren on phone however to be useful as phone u need to get it unlocked which is yet not available n will be available as ios 4.2 releases ..
        i got one from us on 26 th oct..
        n its 100 % surely tested by me..
        but if u buy the commitment iphone then while registering u have to give ur ssn nos n at&T connection details……..in this case u need to hacktivate ..

  53. hi raju and all….from where in hongkong and bangkok and dubai can i buy iphone 4.what will be d cost in hongkong and bangkok and dubai respectively???i hav heard tht in Hk,its out of stock.is it available at bangkok and dubai?does the handset in bangkok and dubai are factory unlocked??in india,factory unlocked handset is available for 39k some thing.
    kind regards….

  54. Hey, Raju. Can i buy a iphone 4 from singapore and use it in malaysia without any problem? will it work properly? and is there any apple stores in singapore that sell iphone 4 directly bcoz i will only be going there for 4 days so i want to just buy directly without shipment or anything. can i?

      • Thanks for the reply, Raju. How about the warranty? If anything goes wrong, should i visit the Singapore apple store or can i go to the malaysia apple store?

        How about Malaysia? Do they sell iphone 4 directly from apple store? The package is quite expensive.

  55. Hi Raju,

    I am an airtel subscriber in India. I have ordered an iPhone 4 online from Apple Store in Singapore, got it delivered to a friend’s place. Do I need to get the phone activated in Singapore before getting it to India or can I get it to India and use it directly here.

    Appreciate your response.

    • From Apple Singapore store,

      Can I use my iPhone outside my home country?

      Yes. iPhone is enabled to work on carrier networks using GSM around the world. Because the iPhone sold by the Apple Online Store is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM or micro-SIM card and service from a local carrier at your destination. Or check with your home carrier regarding international roaming charges.

      I don’t think there is any need to get it activated there. The iPhone I bought from HK was activated in India only.

  56. Hey Raju,

    I’ve heard another Factory Unlocked Country is Thailand. Have you heard about this? Is this true? I am currently living in China but it’s kinda impossible to buy one in HK, so since we’re going to Thailand this holidays I was thinking to buy it there.

    Thanks 🙂

  57. i will b travelling to the uk and my doubt is if i buy a contracted iphone from d uk and get it to india, wont i be breaching the contract? if so what would be the repercussions? cz i have heard ppl hv been able 2 procure iphones 4 as low as 150 GBP and have them jailbroken in india

  58. heyy raju
    my cousins are coming in frm the us(new york) and i have asked them to get me the iphone 4 any idea how much the unlocked version would cost and where can i ask them to get it from

  59. Hi Raju…
    I want to buy an iphone 4 from Usa.What r the things i need to know (unlock–jailbroken etc).I will take Contract free but should it be unlocked only in US.

  60. hi raju ,i would like to get an iphone 4 ,and i am in india ,can you say how much would it cost in hongkong and canada ,please say how to get it also,..please

    can you please say where in canada do we get for the prices you have mentionedd above..

  61. Apple i phone 4 is a exceptional gadget, that has given a new definition to the smart mobile phones
    This is the best mobile phone I have ever owned. I held off on buying the iPhone for the first three generations because it is locked to AT&T in the USA and you can only acquire apps through Apple’s proprietary App Store. This sort of closed platform was a real put-off to me (and still is), but when it came time to buy a new mobile phone (my old one was dying) I knew there was only one choice. So I bit the bullet and got an iPhone 4.

  62. Raju Wish to buy a Iphone 4 32gb to be shipped to India but without customs duty to be paid what price and how to make payment

  63. i recently bought 3 iphone 4 16gb for myself and for my friends at very cheap price for $715.

    The device is amazing with its touch sensitive,internet speed,camera resolution etc. So i will suggest all to owned a iphone 4.

  64. Hi raju
    I bought iphone 4 from australia which is locked with vodafone network version is 4.2.1 is it possible to unlock it??

  65. hi Raju
    well i like to ask u one that in HK fortress have i phone4 but its not easy to buy it cos they only to take pics each day …but the problem is everyday same ppl are the phone cos they sit out side fortress so they keep gettin the i phone4 …..its so bed really ..is there anyother way to get i phone4 in hk

  66. Hi all,

    Just to clarify, The unlocked version of iphone 4 is not available in US because AT & T and Verizon have brought licenses to sell them with contract. Even if you manage have someone buy it for you there, you will have a hard time getting it unlocked. Unlock for iphone 4 is not yet in India. You may have to wait for a few more months before they manage to find the unlock. However, the unlocked phone is available in many other countries like Canada, Singapore, UK etc. I got it from Canada straight from the Apple store for $649+taxes for the 16GB version and it is definitely worth the price. Works like a mini PC with apps for almost anything.

    Hope this clarifies….

    All the best and hope you get your own iphone soon!


    • Hi Prashanth, Could you let me know the details of the site/store for the same. I am in the USA and would like an unlocked Iphone 4 to take it to India.

  67. can I buy the unlocked IPhone4 from the US ?? you mention it can be bought from AU, UK and HK, I am going to the US next month and was hoping I can pick it up from there.

  68. hello raju,
    my uncle is planning to buy an iphone for me in usa. the AT&T iphone costs around $200. can the phone be unlocked in india for vodafone or does he need to get it unlocked there? please reply soon

  69. hello raju,
    i bought an iphone4 with AT&T contract in US. now i hav brought it to india and want to unlock it for vodafone. please tell me if i can. thank you. please respond

    • It depends on what iOS version it is running. You would need to jailbreak it first and then unlock. Look for articles on this site regarding that. This isn’t the right article to go into the details.

  70. hey am keen on buying an iphone4 from US under atnt contract
    suppose i ship it to india,will i be able to unlock it to put an indian network provider,say airtel.
    Is the unlock in india possible and is it safe,after unlock can the iphone4 be updated without any harm

    raju,pls help

    • iPhone 4 can be unlocked, but that comes with nominal risk and voids warranty. This isn’t the right thread to discuss. Search the website for specific threads on jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone 4.

  71. hey what if we can get the iphone4 in US from a frnd os something then unlock it ther,is it possible?
    Is ther any risk if unlocked in US only,will the warrenty be void
    pls do help:)

  72. HI raju.
    i an based in New delhi, India got an iphone4 16GB ver 4.1 from US , its locked AT&T, please help from where to get it unlocked

  73. where can i buy an ORIGINAL iPhone 4 FACTORY UNLOCKED 16 GB in Hong Kong from??? which stores?? will it be easily available? as i am travelling from India just for 4-5 days? please reply asap!! and how much is it for?? pleaseeee help some one!! :$ :$

  74. hello mr. raju
    i wanna to purchase iphone 4 factory unlocked from hk or singapore
    will it work in india ?
    how we can identify thta it is factory unlocked leggaly
    i dnt wanna b scammed bt ma frnd plzzzzzzz help me out

    • Yes. Factory unlocked iPhones bought from HK and Singapore work without any hassles in India. Make sure you buy it from an authorized reseller to avoid getting scammed.

  75. hello raju thankx for reply
    my uncle friend coming india from newyork/canada
    is there factory unlocked iphone availble????
    at what price it is there?? i want 16 gb

  76. hello bro. i am mayur from rajasthan…..i want to purchase iphone4 16 gb factoryunlocked legally from singapore…..so in singapore it will be factory unlocked legal availble??? if i got from singapore so it will work in india without any prob.???
    and i heard that video calling and bluetooth transfer FTP to other brand like nokia dell will not be work??? or else in unlocked legally have this feture i m jst confusing so plz help me out soon……i dnt wanna to jailbreak it

    • if you can ensure that the iPhone 4 you are buying in Singapore is really factory unlocked, it will work in India without any hassles whatsoever!
      As for your second question, yes, video calling and bluetooth transfer won’t work with non-apple gadgets (even if you jailbreak it, they won’t work)

    • Yes it’s available in Singapore, it’s unlocked. You can get in Singapore Apple store itself, before it was S$748.00 (S’pore $)

  77. Have a Trip to Singapore,Guys…wake up. Go apple.com.sg – they sell only S$888 for (16GB),S$1048.00 for (32GB),why would u guys want to buy it from others,But Order wait 24 HRS (normally taken 2 days to deliver,(Need Local credit card & local address)I Don’t have all that,I am a tourist & stay hotel ,I stay s’pore 2 days, I seen selling at Famous shopping mall in singapore Mustafa centre iPhone 4 16GB S$915.00,32GB S$1090.00 included 7% GST,Like me Tourist they give GST application form, I get back 7% GST back 16GB S$64.00,32GB S$76.00 so my price get it 16GB S$850.00 (INR30,600), 32GB S$1013.00 (INR40,100), Bought from apple store singapore,How to get 7%GST back,GST Application Form and all where to get it?,So Purchase from Apple store much more price i need to pay?,why would u guys want to buy it from others?

    • Hey, Is there availabality for Iphone4 White? ? ? I ll be there in Singapore only for 4 days. Can i book it from india itself, B4 I go? ? Please reply……

  78. Hi,
    Im offered a factory ulocked iphone4 16GB for 599euro? Is that a ok price or can I get them cheaper i Singapore or HK?

  79. Hi All

    I got my no contract iphone in white yesterday and it comes locked with at&t. but not many people knowif they buy a new no contract iphone from applestore which is locked to at&t they also get a micro sim in the phone. so I just bought it home called up my go phone customer service and asked them to transfer my current Go phone number from the other sim to the micro sim. they did that and bang!! my phone was activated though still locked for at&t but whitout the hassle of buying a micro sim or for that matter cutting down the normal sim.

    Also to let everyone know At&t stores do sell the GO phone micro sim but thye cost a whopping $30.

    so dont wait go out and get your iphone:)

  80. Please i want to buy this HTC HD7phone, but confuse,Raju can you advice if it is good compare to i phone 4? thanks ,Francis.

  81. hi raju ,
    i am planning of going to usa for an tour, during that time i am planning of buying an iphone 4 over there , will they provide us the phone within contract ? , and also i would like to know if we buy the phone within contract at USA and next day itself if we transfer that device to india , how the network is gonna charge monthly for the plan that we subscribed ?

  82. I purchased one I Phone-4 from Japan last 2 month ,but we can not run the phone. I want to factory unlock my I phone. How can help you ?( Soft Bank Japan) Version-4.2.1-32 GB

    • “Factory unlock” refers to iPhones which are not locked when released. You still have a chance to unlock, but that will void your warranty. Search for related articles on this website.

  83. i want to buy an iphone from usa and wanna use in india …
    will any body jailbreak it n how much is cost n where it got break in delhi

  84. Hie i got uk i4 version 4.2.1 with lock.how to work in india with out any prblm.when the official lock comes?plzzzzz Tel me

  85. Hi Raju,
    I want to buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from the US to use in the UK. What do these retail at now a days? Is it worth waiting for the iPhone 5?
    Thanks, Raj

  86. hello can anyone tell me the currennt price of iphone 4 in USA? i want to get it and use in india (kolkata). i want to know what pointss should i keep in mind while ordering for one coz i have to mention the requirements to one of my relatives there..
    waiting for ur reply….

  87. hi! I’ve lately got a lot of special offers about iphone 4 and ipads from Shenzhen based companies in China. they are priced at incrediblely low levels. if the clones iphone4 comes with dual sim cards , doesn’t it mean they can’t compare to those factory unlocked iphone4s at all? I bought some other chinese versions ipone4 in a local market in china, the wifi-feature doesn’t work at all. also they camera resolution is too low. the quality is very vague. does this mean those products are junk? not worthy trying? I’m geting to the point that purchsing some iphones and ipads at a wholesale level. thanks

  88. i want to buy unlock iphone 4 from USA and use it in India so is it possible and what would be the approx price of 16 gb inclusive all taxes.

  89. Hi guys I got an iPhone 4 frm Singapore thru one of my frenz which I suppose is factory unlocked and registered online with my name.I had an issue wit ma speakr wen I called apple india call Centre thy r askin me to ship product to Singapore which is really ridiculous.moreover I have warranty till aug ’12.is there any solution to this problem.?unlike apple pl suggest sme feasible solution.

  90. there is a contract based apple i 4 in 250 usd can i use it in india by unlocking it.
    is there any leagel problem if it will unlock.
    please reply soooooooooooon
    it’s urgent

  91. hi raju
    i claimed an ifone4g white from uk from vodafone contract and is it possible for me to use in india after unlocking my fone…is it possible for the apple to block my ifone when i use in india and download anything through itunes…..

  92. Hello raju I will be in deli 25 October can I buy a samsung gallayx s2 for use in US with T mobil for less m,oney and where?
    Thank you

  93. iphones are now unlocked in the UK You can activate and use it on the supported GSM wireless network of your choice. GSM pretty much includes all services here in the uk.

    Read more on apple/uk store

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