Traditionally, Google has managed to create hype over the new services they launch by adopting the “invitation based system”. Google Voice was one such service, which (unlike Wave) garnered positive feedback from those lucky few people who managed to get an invite to try it out. Good news now – Google Voice is open for everyone.

In case you are still wondering what Google Voice is, it started as GrandCentral, aiming to revolutionize phone management on the web. Google snapped it up soon and gave it a new name and a changeover. It acts as a unified phone number and can be used to make free calls to US and Canada in addition to sending free text messages. What more? Its voicemail system can even be checked by e-mail.

Ever since Google Voice was introduced, it has managed to create and hold up interest amongst its users by consistently adding new features and bettering existing ones. When Apple infamously rejected the Google Voice app from iTunes store, Google came up with mobile web app which now works great for Palm and iPhone devices.

Sadly, it is still US only, which means that anyone in the United States can sign up for an account.

[via]Google voice blog

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