There are many Windows 7 users who love Mac OS only for its user interface and looks. If you are one of them, you might be happy to know that there is a brand new Mac OS Leopard theme for Windows 7! No need to use any third party tools to give your Windows a Mac look.


Mac OS Snow Leopard Windows 7 theme is available in Basic, Normal & Glass Style and is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 OS. Since this is not an official Microsoft Windows 7 theme (never expect one as well!), for using the theme in Windows 7, one needs to use the a universal theme patch to apply third-party Styles in Windows 7.

Make Windows 7 Look like Mac OS Leopard



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  • vinay dokania

    nice post bro…..

  • girish

    will it work in vista home basic?

  • sharath

    not working for me.

  • pk

    how to activate it???

  • beast

    can you uninstall this?

  • Nikky

    I love this very much!! thanks a lot!!

    • vijay

      can you send me a downloaded file to my mail address please..

  • Nikky

    hey, most of my windows open onto the side and I can’t drag them to the centre so I can’t see them…how do I fix that?

  • Jason

    Downloading it now, thank you a lot!!!! 😀

  • radex

    i did try to install it, as given instruction i did try to copy the given .dll files to the destination path but its permission deneyed, i did change the permission to full control, but its still same, so after that i take backup of those system files, and from linux i copy and replace the system files which is given to theme system files, before that i did patch successfully. after that when i power on Windows 7 its show the black screen and the mouse ….what whould i do now?

  • Kitkat

    I opened it once I downloaded it, and when you click on the file, it just comes up as a few pictures
    . How would it work,anyone tell ,me plz.

  • Macauley86

    too mac-ish. can we please have a theme that has the Mac’s neutral gray theme, but retains the Windows overall look? I just want to replace the ugly aero theme, but don’t want the full mac look. if i wanted that, I’d buy a mac.

  • Diana

    Read the description below on the page, click when he says: download here click or something, do not click the download button on the right, you r downloading the image preview

  • hooman from iran

    i cant install this !
    please help me

  • abhi

    easy to download

  • ambadi

    when i unziped it is just a,png file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat will i do??? next

  • random guy

    i didnt know how do uninstall it after =/

  • shabd gautam

    unable to install dat.. tried d way dat is listed here…

  • sky

    can u send me downloded file to this e-mail add!!!! plz!!!

  • Gaurav

    How do you install it?I extracted the zip file to windows theme folder after installing universal only turns into windows 7 basic theme and no effects take place.Pls help

  • Nick

    I have applied the theme but now when I try to return to my normal windows 7 theme the Mac logo startup is still there – how do I remove that?

  • bob

    i need so much help what do i do someone please reply to me

  • Randal

    This is one of the most beautiful mac theme for windows 7 I have ever seen. I like that it is clean with nice icons. For all the guys who have some problems dont forget to make a back up files ALLWAYS :)

  • blynxxx1

    all I got is a wall paper from the down loadHELP

    • Sofraid

      @blynxxx1 actually u’re downloading the image. It’s simple though, I had the same thing, i think this page editor shoud’ve changed the link. But, it’s simple, you can down over the page, and you look at comments, some of them had the same as u too, but, there are link gave by the admin at some comments, just link at the link.. The original file would cost 21.1 MB.. It’s free and i love it works..!

  • Ṧunnysingh Ṝàjput

    how to install this theme

  • Ethan

    How do you download it?

  • veganpete

    theme patcher is x86 – how to patch win 7 64 bit?

  • veganpete

    leftsider is also x86 :( Desn’t work for 64Bit