Windows 8 is still a long way off and Microsoft has started getting in touch with OEM manufacturers regarding the general direction it aims to proceed with its next windows build. A tech-enthusiast Francisco Martin has managed to get his hands on some confidential documents sent, under non-disclosure agreement, to selected partners.

One of the main emphases in these documents has been on system startup-time. Windows 7 was a step ahead in respect of previous builds; But Windows still is far behind in comparison to 20 sec boot-time of Ubuntu. The efforts would be put on POST (Power on self-test) and on S3 resume performance optimization.


Windows 8 will have all kinds of support for the high speed devices such as USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. It will be suited for some premium features such as facial recognition for user authentication, automatic display adjustment according to the ambiance and excellent media experience with stereoscopic 3D and Wireless TV.

Microsoft is also planning an app-store for Windows 8. This idea was tried once by the Redmond Giants with Windows Marketplace, but it was a not a success. With iPhone’s App store and Android’s App stores booming, things might be different this time around. The very idea is to enable users to discover and download trustworthy applications. Consumers will be able to search on the web or locally on a Windows 8 machine to download applications from the store.

It would be a place, for the software developers all around the globe, to get even bigger consumer base and exposure. One of the other goals is to ensure licensing and monetization of the applications developed.


Another interesting feature of Windows 8 is called “Attention Tracking”. Let’s say I am playing some game, or watching some movie and I hear a knock. I turn around feeling annoyed and I get myself killed in the game or miss some dialogues because I forgot to pause. But for the PC’s running on Windows 8, the operating system with the help of a webcam and some other sensors will detect whether you have you attention on you system or not. If not it will do the needful like pausing a game or pausing the running video.

The document also says things about Windows detecting the presence of a person and logging the person automatically. It finishes with the suggestions that Microsoft is also working on hard-drive encryption for Windows 8.

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