It has only been 2 weeks since the release of Beta build for Opera Browser v10.60 and now its out on stable channel. Since beta release, numerous bug fixes have been removed and Opera has worked hard to bring out the best of its browser. A new version of Presto 2.6 rendering engine has been used and the existing Carakan has been optimized to give further speed enhancements.

There has been an all round betterment in terms of UI, HTML5, performance, security and usage. Some noticeable changes are –

  • The existing skin has been adjusted to appear much pleasing. The ‘O’ styled menu has been replaced by a more civilized button menu.
  • Opera is the first browser to come up with complete HTML5 support. It has WebM, Geolocation, Appcache and Web Workers. Also there has been quite an improvement in speed. Opera claims that the current build has 50% speed boost than its predecessor.
  • Opera has added AVG anti fraud, malware and phishing feeds to further beef up the security of its browser. According to Opera, “Live feeds supply fresh information on the latest web threats to the users and keep them in the know about potential malware, harm or scams”.
  • Live search suggestions have also come up with Opera, though it works only for a few searches.

To justify the claims of speed, Opera published a test conducted by them which included all the major browsers (except IE). The speed was tested using Peacekeeper benchmarking tool. The figure below clearly shows that the current Opera build is by far the winner.


Speed test conducted on Peacekeeper by Opera

Another test conducted by Lifehacker also sprang up a surprise when a Beta build of version 10.6 scored better than all the browsers in DOM/CSS test conducted on Dromeo benchmarking platform.


DOM/CSS test conducted by Lifehacker

In spite of all these speed perks and some really nice features, Opera lacks primarily because of its lack of API’s for extensions. Almost all the major browsers now support addons/extensions, except for Opera. But then again, Opera has almost everything built-in, thats required for day to day purpose.

Also a good news for people who use Linux. Version 10.6 final build is available for Linux/Unix environment. The previous build, 10.5x final, was not released for Linux.

Download Opera 10.6 Final.

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