If you are someone who spends most of your time online, while browsing the web security and privacy will be the prime factor for you. Day by day there will be increase in number of threats or vulnerabilities on web and this becomes quite annoying for you to overcome from this. To reduce this vulnerabilities or security risks Mozilla Firefox provided you some of the add-ons for private browsing mode so that you will remain secure while working online.

We had already covered a lot Firefox add-ons like:

Now in this post we will cover the Firefox add-ons on Security. With the plethora of Firefox add-ons we have come out with top 5 Firefox plugins which will help you out in minimizing the security risks.

Top 5 Firefox Extensions For Security and Privacy

1)  Stealther

It provides you a private browsing mode by allowing you to browse the web without leaving any trace. This addon disables browsing history, cookies, cache, recent tabs and sending of referrer header for as long as you want. It’s lot like the incognito mode in Google chrome.


2)  WOT

All of them knows the threats they suffer like viruses, spywares, adware, malicious spam, phishing etc., but here Web of Trust (WOT) comes as a rescue. It warns you about risky websites that try to scam surfers before they enter in them using a safety rating of 21 million websites, WOT combines evidence collected from multiple sources. It not only help surfers but also sets a protection level for children by blocking inappropriate content.


3)  NoScript

It is one of the must have security addon for your browser. NoScript gives you the power to specify the sites you trust and only those sites will be allowed to run active content like Javascript, Java code and other executable code. The addon thus protects you from cross-site scripting attacks and clickjacking attacks.


4)  Better Privacy

Afraid of being tracked, then use this add-on because this add-on will remove all your worries. BetterPrivacy is a Super-Cookie Safeguard which protects from usually undeletable Flash-Cookies. It blocks long term tracking on Google, YouTube, Ebay to name a few.


5)  Ghostery

This add-on will help you out in seeing who’s tracking you so that you can block them. You must  know your enemy before you can defend against the and this addon tells you who they are.


In the end I must say that there is no way to be completely secure, there will be some loopholes out there and if I have missed any of the Firefox Security plugin then let me know. Finally in the comments section share your Firefox knowledge with us.

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