No web service is secure, definitely not. Not even Apple. If we go by the reports on TNW, the Apple’s App store is hacked by an app developer. Alex Brie, an app developer has spotted what appears to be a hacking of the App store rankings by a rogue developer.

The rankings in the books category of the US iTunes store features 40 out of 50 apps by the same app developer, Thuat Nguyen.

Now, that is not a sound enough proof to show that the app store is hacked, isn’t it? But wait a bit. It seems that the individuals iTunes accounts have been hacked to make mass purchases of that one developer’s apps. Have a look at the screenshot below


This one developer has managed to hack enough iTunes accounts to buy the number of apps required for each to dominate the paid books category on iTunes. Some of the users who have had their accounts hacked have left comments on the apps they have supposedly bought complaining that up to $200 has been spent on books they’d never personally bought themselves.


The developer details are as shady as they can get. Both the support and company links just point to the homepage which is hardly useful. According to Alex, the apps only appear to be hijacking the rankings in the US app store, which would imply it is primarily US iTunes accounts that are being hacked.

So the concern right now is with your own iTunes account, so better change the password right away and later we can worry about Apple and their App store.

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