In my previous post, I discussed 4 SEO analysis tools for newbies, and I promised one on optimization of search engine result. Since WordPress is most used platform for web-blogs, here are 4 plugins for search engine optimization for WordPress.

  • HeadSpace2 SEO
    It is an extensive meta-data manager and is slightly difficult to configure as compared to other plugins, but it’s the most powerful too. It gives options to configure meta-data separately for posts, pages, categories, home page, author page, search page and 404 pages.  It has special panels to let user add codes from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster etc.
    One of the other important aspects of this plugin is that, it provides import function from other existing SEO plugins like ‘All in one SEO’, ‘Ultimate Tag Warrior’ etc.
  • All in One SEO Pack
    This is one of the most used plugin of all those discussed here. All in one SEO has lots of features and is extremely easy to use. It supports built in API and hence can be used with many themes/plugins. Unlike HeadSpace, this plugin automatically optimizes title for title for search engine.
    It has every functionality already set and as a beginner all you have to do is to install this plugin, then enter a few details and you are up and running.
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO
    This is probably the most extensive plugin available till date, for SEO. It offers direct control over hundred plus page characteristics. In spite of its extents it can still be used by newbies as most of the fields are already set for defaults.  One can modify many options available such as modifying Tag Archives, Author Archives etc.
  • Platinum SEO Pack
    Platinum SEO pack is a much simpler alternative of all the other SEO options available. Though the number of fields is limited, it still is very effective tool for getting better search engine result. It automatically generates all SEO relevant META tags. It is compatible with most of the other existing SEO plugins, so can be used incognito with them.

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