We have just been informed about the price drop in Xbox 360 arcade gaming consoles in India, with immediate effect. Starting today, i.e 7th July 2010, Xbox 360 Arcade will cost Rs. 14,676 instead of the earlier official price of 16,990, which is a whopping 2.5k slash. Although many Retailers still sell consoles for well below this new MRP, it is still a welcome move from Microsoft as we can expect proportional cut from the retailers.

Xbox 360 Arcade is an entry level console by Microsoft and lacks in many aspects as compared to Xbox 360 Super Elite and Xbox 360 Pro, the major difference being the available storage size. Still, Xbox 360 arcade is popular amongst the gamers and non-gamers too, as users can also connect users to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Xbox 360 Arcade Price cut – Things to consider

Before you get all excited and look for your credit card, you must consider few important things about the Xbox 360 being sold in India. The current version of Xbox 360 arcade is actually the older version. The latest model which was released last month in US boasts of a sleek and sexy design with 250GB hard disk.


Not just the design and higher storage, the new Xbox 360 boasts other new features like Touch sensitive buttons, five USB ports and built in wi-fi. Moreover this new version is priced at $299, which is exactly same as the older model.

No, the older model didn’t get a price cut in US. If you are wondering who will bother to buy the older model when the newer one is already available, the answer is Asians. Yes, Microsoft has already announced that the production of older models has stopped and once the existing stock is sold out, it’s gone forever. This is precisely the reason for the price cut in India. Just like Apple, Microsoft sees India as the dumping ground of their out-of-date gadgets.

It is bit of a downer when the press release goes like this

In our endeavor to provide the best value to Indian consumers, Microsoft India has great news to share with you! Your favourite console is now available for just Rs. 14676. Today’s price cut reiterates Microsoft’s commitment to make gaming mainstream by bringing friends and families together to have fun.

Sorry Microsoft (India). You are not providing the best value to Indian consumers.

The newer Xbox 360 Slim and Arcade versions are expected to be released only in August 2010. In case if you can wait till August, you can give the older model a skip, else rush to the nearest retailer and get yourself the Xbox 360 console. And yeah, Microsoft has clarified that all the existing versions of Xbox 360 will support the upcoming version of motion sensing controller Kinect.

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