The folks at YouTube have unveiled their new ‘Leanback‘ service aimed at lazy couch potatoes that want the best way of watching the online video service on their TVs.

The objective of Youtube Leanback was to provide the best user interface for watching television. That means no mouse and dead-simple keystrokes are required for navigation, and YouTube thinks that a new design is a “breakthrough” in this type of user interface.


Watch the video below to best understand how YouTube Leanback works

Head to Youtube Leanback, and the site will immediately start playing videos from a feed of suggestions, based on other videos you’ve liked. All navigation commands are based around the arrow keys and the enter key. To skip to the next video in the playlist, you hit the right arrow on your keyboard. Want to navigate to a different genre of clips? Hit the down arrow, and you can scroll through other channels of content. Hitting the Up arrow will bring up a search option.

Now then, the question is will there be enough people who will use and test Youtube Leanback service. After all, the Google TV is just few months away and not many have home theatre PC’s anyway. But the Youtube team notes that Leanback isn’t just for TV viewing — the site works perfectly well from your desktop or laptop, and offers a great experience for those times when you just want to watch YouTube clips without making many choices.

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