There are times when you might feel the need to block a phone number and avoid those unwanted calls, be it the pesky telemarketers or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who just doesn’t accept that it’s all OVER! The reasons to block a phone number are numerous, but the solutions to do so are numbered and few. Depending upon your cell phone model and your carrier, there might be a solution.

How to Block Phone Number and Avoid Unwanted Calls

There are different ways to handle unwanted calls and block a phone number. All methods won’t work for all, so you would need to carefully choose an option which will work for you.

“Do not call” Registry

This option is best suited if you are trying to block a telemarketer. If you are in US, you can register with the National Do not call registry or call 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to block to keep the telemarketers at bay. It is illegal for telemarketers to call you after you have been added to this list. If you are in India, there is a similar National Do not call registry where you can register your phone number.

Carrier Help

Taking the help of your carrier is the most appropriate option to block any phone number.

  • AT&T : If you are a customer of AT&T wireless, you can make use of a premium service called “Parental Controls” which will allow you to limit who can call you or text you by blocking or allowing certain numbers. It costs just $4.99 per month.
  • Verizon : Go to VerizonWireless and log into your account. And then go to “My Services” and choose the SPAm control. Here you can add up to 5 phone numbers that you do not want to contact you or even text you.
  • Sprint & T-Mobile : Currently, Sprint and T-Mobile doesn’t provide an easy way to block unwanted callers, though there is a work-around for Sprint users. You can block all numbers which are not in your phone contacts. For this, go to Settings –> Security –> Others [password will be last 4 digits of your phone number] –> Call settings. Here you will find that option.

Handset Specific Options

Off late, the handset manufacturers have started providing features to help you block phone numbers. Look out for in-built or downloadable option to limit incoming calls.

  • Nokia : The Nokia symbian phone users can download apps like Blacklist which can block specific phone numbers from making a call.
  • Samsung : If you have a Samsung phone, you have the ability to send an incoming call directly to voicemail, without it even ringing on your device. Look for the “block list” feature on your device
  • Sony-Ericsson : SE mobile phones have built-in blocking functions, simply go to Settings > Calls > Manage Calls > Accept Calls > Only from list, press β€˜Edit’ to choose the numbers.
  • T-mobile G1 : Similar to Samsung phones, G1 also uses a feature available in the contact list to block specific numbers.
  • Blackberry : If you have a Blackberry, you can use a program called Efficient Call Blocker from BerryWAV. This program will block numbers that you specify and let you make the other party hear messages like your number is disconnected or no longer in service. Another such app is CallsBlocker.
  • iPhone : Not a straight-forward option available for iPhones if you are not using iOS 7. Check the Update below if you are on iOS 7. In case you have a jailbroken iPhone, there are couple of neat apps which will help you – MCleaner & iBlacklist.

Update: If you are on iOS 7, you can block anyone with a click on your iPhone. This will block the person from calling, texting and FaceTiming you. To do that, go into your contacts, select someone, and scroll down to hit “Block.”


Activate Silent mode for specific contacts

There are times when a pesky friend or a relative continuously call you and you’re not comfortable telling them to cut it out. Easy way to handle such situations is to activate silent mode only for such contacts. The trick is to have a silent ringtone assigned to such contacts. So, each time they call you, you don’t really get to hear it, and they should eventually get tired of calling you.

Download this blank mp3 ringtone (or this one). If you are using Android or Symbian smartphones, transfer the file onto your SD card and set this as the ringtone for that pesky contact. Additionally you can create a new profile and assign the silent ringtone as the default one for everyone in that profile. iOS users can use this guide to upload ringtone to iPhone.


If your phone is compatible with free services like YouMail, you can block unwanted voicemail messages. The callers you block get the designated greeting you choose and are never given the option of leaving a voicemail message! They have dedicated apps for Blackberry, Android and iPhone which are all available for free.


TrapCall is a premium service with numerous features like blocking unwanted callers, number unmasking, recording calls etc. TrapCall currently supports AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Call Customer Care!

Calling customer care for help in blocking a specific phone number is one of the most suggested solutions. Alas! it doesn’t work most of the times. But some carriers do let you block a phone number but only after verifying the facts and asking few security questions.

Change your number

I know this is a ridiculous solution, but in case none of the above tricks work, this is the only available option.


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  • pushpinder

    there is nothing like “Settings > Security Settings > Incoming calls” in an iphone – atleast the 4.0 OS on my 3GS

  • Kaushik

    #8: Create a new group in your cell phone and name it ignore, and add all nos you want to block. Then set a different ringtone to the ignore group. That way you’ll know which calls to ignore from the ring.

    Better still, create a blank MP3 file and set it as the ringtone. You won’t even hear it ring when these people call. πŸ˜€

    • Steve Jobs

      Smart dude

      • Me

        yeah but that doesn’t matter when all their text still show up on your phone, when you don’t want to look at them.

    • vbeers

      this is what i’ve had to teach so many people who couldn’t figure it out for themselves

      • jeers

        lol martyr

  • Haresh


    A great solution, supported by most of new handsets πŸ˜€

  • Bryan Villarin

    Why didn’t Google Voice make the list? One of their features: block callers.

    • Dennis Davis

      Well that ONLY works if you HAVE Google Voice, not an existing carrier …

  • Prasanna Venkatesh

    Fantastic list and instructions on how to block a call, If you can extend to other countries like India will be very useful for viewers in india. I hope you will add it soon.

  • Ken

    The article seems to be for cell phones, however my problems are landlines (home phones). I refurbished an old 2001 pc 1300 mhz with 256 meg ram, fresh install of XP Home.

    Then installed PhoneTray (free) and a voice modem – the box must state “voice” or “caller ID’ supported, possibly other terms. Very few pc’s come with this now – just data & fax. Many messages included with the app.

    I capture and block any call, play any message from the pc or the answering machine. Best of all you can download countless tones & messages, and edit in Audacity & add to the PhoneTray folder.

    Do Not Call Registry is a joke. Telemarketers should be made to disclose their home phone number when they call, and then eat s@*# & die.

    Now you will have a complete log to the very minute of the day, and then worry the hell out of our worthless elected officials who lied to us again.

    I plan to get a lawyer to sue since it was a $10,000 fine to abusers of the law in the USA.


  • J Mill

    Its shocking that these are the best seven options for blocking incoming unwanted incoming phone calls. These are like stone age tools compared to to rest of the super advanced telephone hardware and software worlds. Why, exactly do you suppose, that they can give us gps and a video that can record hours of images good enough in quality that they are put on the air when somebody videos something newsworthy from their cell phone. Why doesnt every phone simply come programmed with a standard app that allows the owner of the cell phone to block any individual phone number they want and any standard group of phone numbers they want to block like anonymous calls and soforth. In fact, if you will just run your phone calls through your P.C. first there are umpteen inexpensive and even free software that will do this very simple job and are easy to use and let you store so many thousands of blocked numbers, more than anyone would even ever need to block on these softwares. So, since the software already exists and has since windows 95, so we know its not even difficult software to create, why in the world arent the acutal call blocking features that every single person with a phone already knows they need already on every phone on earth. i realize this would mean that nobody could get our attention anymore that we didn’t want. which we all want to be able to do. so, where is the big money in all this? who is blocking the this simple tool that we all need? and since its so basic to every person with a phone and a subscription to a phone service, then why aren’t the phone companies eager to give us full control over each of our little individual lives? are they making more money by crippling us in this area by not providing the tools we need. In this day and age there is just no reason we should be treated like this. Complete call blocking capablities should be as standard and basic on a phone as the microphone to capture sound and the tiny speaker is to create sound to hear the caller speak. I almost said as basic as the keypad but that went away in the iphone. See what i mean? they can make an iphone with a screen that can dazzle and display and compute gazillions of whatever and store gazillions of memory to make it all possible in next to no physical space anymore, and yet we still are all just screaming at phones when we get unwanted calls and, as of yet that doesn’t acutally help. why can we have an app on our phone that you point its color megapixal camera at a traffic sign on the street and it will translate the words in the image of that sign into any language you choose but for some reason our phones don’t come packaged with something so basic as a complete phone blocking software suite that has been seemlessly integrated among all those thousands of ringtones and games and god knows what other gobbldeygook that we need a lot less than pefect blocking software that is easy to use and complete. Why haven’t it been being improved over the last twenty years like every other part of a phone. We can triangulate our perfectly known position on the surface of our planet at any moment using gps and then drop a geo cashe there and tweet it to australia where where its location is shot up to to a satelite in space and the item geocashed and dropped on the ground is pinged by a laser every nanosecond until somebody finds that geocashe next and when the ping goes away it sends an update to the geocashing game everybodys playing, and on and on and on. But I cant block that d**m phone spam and text spam and collectors trying to make me pay something i don’t owe but some big company decided i did and while my rebuttal as to why its not owed cant and wont and never will be allowed into the credit scoring company madness any old thing that some disgruntled minimum wage earning “customer care” person says I owe gets fed into the credit scoring system and suddenly its a beast and a mountain against little ol’ me. ironic that even though these are phone companies, they sure don’t like to listen to you when they don’t want to. and as far as “credit scores” are concered, that is the most ridiculas load of hogwash, why are we allowing such a onesided monster to only hear one side of a disagreement over a claim by one party that another owes it some money? Lots of sophisticated software that keeps that beast of a system electrified and operating with the sole purpose of making any kind of fair reporting by all sides completely impossible, so that only one side is ever heard. and its just some software that is fed numbers but is not programmed to wait until the person being accused of not paying a debt feeds into the computer a rebutal of some kind. Until the software has both sides it shouldn’t even be revealing anything on any contested debet till it has both sides. Again, lasers to the moon, facebook for billions filled with video games programmed with such sophistication that they players don’t even realize those games are really there to record their responses to stuff the users don’t even realize they are responding to. Yet, once again, I can’t block a collectors call on my phone with standard blocking software nor can i contest any debt before its published to the world.

    And yet, and YET, I still can’t block a call easily, and on any oe on a standard software program that everybody knows and use and it does it all, cause we’re not talking rocket science here. Really, we’re not. We’re just sayin “no” to somebody who we don’t want to call us anymore. How hard is that? Rocket science is clearly for International live Tetris Championships and a billion choices of high def porn on your cell phone but we can’t say no to a caller with simple and easy call blocking software. Really? REALLY?

    • Dennis Davis

      Sat and read this whole large statement and I actually agree …. surely there must be something out there that can stop these calls … as part of anyones normal service! Not yet another App that you have to pay for to get what should be a given right anyway! Good Note!

  • ibcbet

    thank you for informative topic.
    I’ll get the Blacklist application.

  • Mike

    How can I block harassing and vulgar incoming calls and texts on my Verizon Iphone ?

  • Shantigharib

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  • Marino

    With an ATT landline, you dial *60 and then follow the instructions which are to press #01# to block the last call. Easy.

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  • info

    i would request APPLE, to make Reject List application please so that we can add unwanted caller in the that list. It can be done in SAMSUNG handsets.

  • Frederick

    Will any of these ideas on blocking harassing phone calls work for a land line? My mother is getting harrassing calls and Verizon was no help. thank you in advance for any help you can offer, Frederick Sallaz

  • April

    How can I block a call on my AT&T blackberry 8310

  • SingleGirl

    Google phone. Allows you call from your phone and go on line and block a number. I LOVE it.

  • Ginger

    how do u black a number when u have a t-mobile phone I have the gravity 3 and this guy keeps calling me! i dont want to change my number or call custmer care, i want to block them useing my phone. Any suggestions? Please Dx

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    this is my email address (…

  • Franky

    I have a sony ericson and tried the above proceedure and it doesnt block a particular number but only allows calls from those selected. I dont want to block the whole world, just an anoying girlfriend

  • Mary

    Landlines *60 listen to prompts

  • Timothy

    The easiest is to get the unwanted numbers blocked by your carrier. There are some handsets that look at the number and offer a busy tone, but only a few manufacturers.

  • James

    Another easy option is to set the default ringtone to a blank or silent mp3 (easy to find one on the internet for free and download or copy to phone). Then for each contact set a custom ringtone. Even if someone calls that you don’t have in your contact list, you won’t really miss the call you just won’t hear it ring. That way unwanted calls are logged (if needed for harassment complaints) but don’t disturb you. Works for me.

  • nyjetsfan

    Is there a block that say your phone is disconnected. I can really use that. If so plz let me know. Thank u

  • Lorrene

    Hi! Can an LG P525 block calls/text messages?

  • Corey

    I just wanna block my exgirlfriend from sending the hundreds of annoying texts she sends each day. Come on iPhone (apple) help us out and create an free application or better yet create a feature availible in our phones settings to begin with. As many have mentioned it’s not rocket science, it’s a simple feature that should by all means be readily available.


    tengo un iphone 4s sprint y me hacen muchas llamadas blockeadas , me podria ayudar por favor a reslover este problema de varias formas , se lo agradeceria mucho gracias

  • Webbadger

    I am truly baffled at why there is yet no (iPhone app) for such simple but very popularly desired requirement. I need it so desperately.

  • Sharin

    For cellphone, I assign a special ringtone that contain silence for the number that I want to block. So no annoying rings while this number calls in. For land line I use ‘Teleblocker’ which is a little electronic box that can block all unwanted calls.

  • Carlos

    The application blacklist for iPhone does not work. It advertises features and screens non existent in the app

    • Raju PP

      The last time I checked it worked as expected. I guess you have tried a wrong one maybe?

  • Not a rocket scientist

    They don’t want to make it easy for us to block calls because they make money selling our phone numbers to telemarketers. If we can simply block whomever we choose, the value of selling our numbers goes down, and the behemoth cellular carriers lose a revenue source.

  • Andrew
  • chuck norris

    hey how do u block on a LG/ presidents choice phone this crazy stalker girl got a hold of my number and wont leave me alone… thanks for the help!

  • hanif87

    Is Samsung Generation Y has the ability to block phone numbers from receiving text messages or calls??

  • Brad

    Another missing iPhone feature. How hard can it be to add blocking in? 5-6 lines of C?

  • Patt

    THe “DO NOT CALL” does NOT work. Done this, reported, still getting the calls. Opps, best laid plans with NO TEETH to enforce them. Thank You for sharing the tips. Headed to my account and getting the worst offenders added. =)

  • Kiefer

    I have tried to block this but this dont block the numbers for keep texting me all the time on iPhone ;/

  • Karpov

    How do i reinstate the phone number i blocked with iBlacklist? Does it block permanently? please provide me with state to carry to reinstate the number i blocked

  • jackie

    i have a Virgin mobile samsung and i find no ‘other’
    nor the ‘block list’

    • tnxm

      go menu then settings then application call all calls auto reject activation on then put his number there then save later save again

  • mayuri helped me lott…..thank you so mchh

  • Angela

    These people have been calling me like crazy all day everyday!!!! JERKS CALL ME AT 1,2,3 IN THE MORNING!!! THEY GIVE ME A BREAK FROM 5AM-8AM, THEN THE CALLS START ALL OVER AGAIN. Each time they call i ask nicely to remove my number from their calling list……… hour or two later there they are again!!!!!!!!!Don’t know what to do anymore!!!Can’t change my number i use it for work!! any suggestions???

    • tnxm

      ok you can block his phone number at g voice ok

    • unnamed girl

      Angela if they are solicitors tell them they have one hour to remove you from their call list or your filing a law suit. If they are ex’s or something along that line, start tracing calls and file complaints with police. Usually if you tell the caller you have called the police and are tracing phone calls, they will stop. Not always, but one can hope you don’t have to take it to the next level.

  • Solomon

    I bay to block list trap call they charge $4.00
    Bat is no’t activate .l

    • tnxm

      don’t be silly you can block his phone number for free at g voice ok it free ok

  • linda

    I believe someone has a cell phone and has programmed my phone number and is getting all my emails. Is there anything I can do. thank you

    • tnxm

      yeah yeah yeah you can block his phone number at g voice okay

  • RodneyMJ

    I checks the site on my cell phone dont know if worth using for voice visual there is no demo how to use this is frusterating

    • tnxm

      you can block his phone call at g voice unwanted call ok

  • tnxm

    report police that he is distube you be4 you makr a police report tell him you are going make police report say like that if you are not going stop then i have no choce but make police report police are catch you soon it well work ok if cannot block his telephone number at g voice ok

    • Name

      How do I English.

      • colbey

        it wasn’t bad. but here:

        “Report a harassing caller to the police. But first, let the caller know you are going to file a police report if they don’t stop calling–tell them you will have no choice but to contact the police [and your phone carrier, and the Do Not Call Registry–my addition] and turn in their number if they do not stop. It might work, and is an option if you can’t block the number.”

  • Jia

    Good work.Realy want to know that

  • Sipp

    OK, You don’t need to buy any App. There are plenty of amazing free apps that do gr8 job in blocking. In google play store, just search as “number blocker” and u’ll find many free apps.

  • RicanBabeNY68

    You can block all incoming numbers that are not in your contacts with a Boost Mobile Motorola Theory Phone! For this, go to Settings –> Phone –> Security –> Enter Lock Code [usually will be last 4 digits of your phone number] –> Restrictions –> Calls –> Incoming Calls –> And select Contacts only. I just found out that option on my phone!

    • cj

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  • Jerry

    is it true that 855 numbers can charge you? If so, are you charged if they get your answering message

  • Varun

    Thanks for sharing information.

    The site which you have give for checking the DND registry India is showing a blank page. can you please fix this.

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    I say hello they hang up on me I don’t know who it is all they need to stop calling me

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    How to block a caller that disguise they number with another number, I blocked their number but they’re still getting through, I have a home line. please help!!

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    I dont found any option of call reject list or blok or blak list in my samsumg galaxy core2(S355H) mobile.. Plz help me what i do..

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    i have an old flip phone really need to block a stalker from texting and calling anyone know how

  • colbey

    for the top several comments (and anyone else) REGISTER ON THE “DO NOT CALL LIST.”