Google, as always working on new things all the time and this time it’s for android lovers because Google releases the best tool for everyone (for android lovers/fans) to build Android Applications ( creating mobile applications for Android powered devices) and it will be helpful for non-programmers as compared to the programmers.

Google’s App Inventor will help you to make Android app even if you don’t know anything about coding. Now it becomes easy for Android fans to show up their ideas in making new applications for android. Google App Inventor uses visual design to know how app will look like. One of the great thing about Android App builder is that it allows you to use predefined drag and drop boxed into the interface and create new applications. Additionally it uses text-to-speech capabilities with which you get interactive too.


One of the disadvantages of this is that it is not available for everyone. But still you can develop all kinds of applications for Android by simply registering yourself with your own email address on Google App Inventor

How to build your own Android app [Video]

Hope this app will give Google an extra advantage in smartphone market. Already Google tested out this App Inventor in classrooms of United States around one year. Do share your views about Google App Inventor in the comments section.

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