Apple has invited a handful of journalists for a press conference on July 16th, Friday to be held in California. Though they haven’t revealed much about the agenda of the press meet, what we do know is it will be something about iPhone 4.

So what does Apple has to say about iPhone 4 on Friday?

  • Is it about the sales figures of iPhone 4? or
  • Will they announce a price drop in iPhone 4 as they did just after the original iPhone launch? or
  • Will they discuss about the nagging issues with iPhone 4 antenna and signal reception?

Your guess is as good as mine. If you remember, Apple had publicly issued a statement that iPhone 4 reception issue is just a software bug and a firmware update is all which is needed to fix it. With iOS 4.1 beta being released today, there are reports from testers that they hardly see any improvements with the iPhone 4 signal and reception issues.

It was really funny to see such a statement from the Apple PR when they tried to blame the software bug for all the hara-kiri surrounding iPhone 4. So, what do we expect in the press conference on Friday? Free bumpers?! or iPhone 4 Recall?

Watch iPhone 4 Press Conference Online – Live Blog and Updates

Only few journalists have been invited for the iPhone 4 press conference on Friday. So we can expect some quality few bloggers to do the live blogging. Engadget will be one of them. You can follow Engadget’s live blog here. We also expect Macrumors to be blogging live on Friday. You can keep an eye on GDGT and Apple Blog too for live updates.

As always, there won’t be many live streams available to watch the event live online, but we expect TwitLive TV to be doing a live analysis. We can hope Livetechevents to stream the press conference live.

Update: ArsTechnica will be live blogging on Friday. Stay tuned here.

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