Twitter, one of the most popular micro blogging platform that lets you to keep in touch with friends and other people. There are plenty of Twitter applications available for mobile users that provides plenty of options (more than you get inside the basic Twitter mobile interface) as compared to twitter’s mobile site (

5 Most Popular Twitter Apps for iPhone

Editor’s Note: The official Twitter app for iPhone (previously Tweetie 2) and Seesmic are my personal favorites, which somehow didn’t make it to the author’s favorites list!

1. Twinkle

Twinkle is a location aware iPhone app that allows you to discover and converse with people which are nearer to you. Additionally with this app you can send messages and pictures to new and old friends.To install this app you need to jailbreak your iPhone.


2. Twittelator

One of the best app twitter app for iPhone because this app has lots of features like recording and tweeting your audio or video clips, ability to customize the background color, text font and size. With this you can upload your photo to 9-different photo-hosting sites, 2-audio-hosting  sites and 5-video hosting sites. In Addition to it, with this app you can view your friends timeline, your own timeline, your won direct messages, the timeline of other users, friends of the people you follow. You can also search for test on all of twitter and if you tap on any of friend’s icon, you immediately see all their twitter stats.


3. Twitterriffic

It displays tweets from your contacts and allows you to send tweets also. This app has been integrated with, so that you can easily upload a photo from your photo library and easily embed its URL in your tweet.


4. Echofon

This app focus on basic features which are delivered in speedy and stable package. It is simple, fast and has features like search option (location-based), twitter trends, etc. In addition to this you can save bookmarks, view user profiles, retweet optiosn, hashtag recognition, a twitter address book for adding usernames to tweets.


5. Simply Tweet Lite

With this app you can compose new tweets, can post photos or videos, add a map link to the current location and shorten URLs. In addition to it you can save tweets as drafts which can be retrieved, edited and posted later. One of the most significant feature of this app is its support for Push Notifications.


These are some of the most popular apps of iPhone for twitter. In the end do let us know which app you like the most and if I have miss out any of the app then share it with us in the comments section.

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