If you are royally bored or just hate to browse the normal way, and think that the default Google is way too dull then you must check out these Google alternatives!

1. Uneven Google

a skewed way to browse the web!


2. Google Classic

hope you don’t sleep off while Googling this way!


3. The Revolving Internet

a noisy way to Google and browse the internet.


4. Toogle

the most comprehensive image buggery on the web.


5. Blackle

only one in the list created for a purpose


6. Purpoogle

my eyes are still hurting


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9 thoughts on “6 Pointless Ways to Google!

  1. This one is a amusing list. I had used Blackle a couple of years ago. Its supposed to save energy with all that black, but not sure if itays does so with LCD monitors now a days. Anyway it was a fun list.

  2. purpoogle and uneven google look nice and enamor for me while the rest are extremely radical, just too great to believe it.

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