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RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works – such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video in a standardized format. Now with popularity of RSS feeds at its peak, many of us end up subscribing to lot of feeds. Unless you planned and managed feed subscriptions, the feeds you subscribed might become an overload.


To fight with this feed overload, Here are some tips you can use!

Use A Better Feed Reader


This is a must-do thing for anyone. If you track good number of feeds, you should use a good feed reader / feed aggregator. It will provide you with more flexibility and open service. If you can invest some bucks, then my for sure recommendation is FeedDemon which is a choice of many big bloggers. If you want to go for free service, check Bloglines for online reading and RSS-Owl for desktop.

Use Categories, Folders & Tags

If your feed reader provides categories, folder or tags function, be sure you use them. What it will do is lessen down the burden of browsing for a specific topic. Like you tag a blog with ‘Web 2.0′ or put it in a folder ‘Web 2.0′, whenever you are looking for Web 2.0 news, you will not need to browse through your long list, just search the tag or check the folder.

Subscribe To Categories, Not Blog

If you want to track only a specific category from a blog, then subscribe to that category’s feed, not the whole blog. Like if you want to track TechPP’s TimePass Category, you can just subscribe to its RSS Feed at This is really useful to increase your flexibility in tracking feeds. For WordPress blogs, the category feed is available on the category link with a feed follow up, for example:


You should regularly unsubscribe to blog feeds which are not updated regularly or are not providing stuff you need. Especially if you have subscribed to many feeds, do a quick clean-up every week as to what is useful & relevant and what is not.

Recommended Feed Readers

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