Irrespective of all the controversies surrounding iPhone 4 (antennagate), it is still being sold like hot cakes around the world. If you are in India and waiting to get your hands on this device, you might have to wait till October.

According to some Airtel representatives, iPhone 4 launch in India is expected to happen in September – October 2010, somewhere around Diwali. Apple has clearly stated during iPhone 4 unveiling that most countries would get iPhone 4 by September 2010, so this news might actually be true.

There’s no mention of price but it will obviously cost you much more than what it costs in US & UK. It is also not known if Apple / Airtel will offer free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners in India like they are do in the U.S. to fix the antenna related issues, as Steve Jobs mentioned in the press conference last friday that the free cases offer is valid only till September 30.

Vodafone, the only other cellular operator that sells the iPhone in India, has not confirmed their own launch dates yet.

One silver lining for Indian iPhone fans is that Apple might release a redesigned model of iPhone 4 without antenna and reception issues.


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