A team of Indian researchers have developed what’s essentially the cheapest “laptop” in the world which would cost just $35 (approx Rs. 1600). Now it is tough to tell if it exactly qualifies as a laptop or not, but this touch screen computing device has managed to garner enough raised eyebrows from all over the world.


Designed by experts at IIT, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the device was unveiled on Thursday by Indian HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal. This low-cost computing device is designed for students and the government has started talks with global manufacturers to start mass production.

We have reached a (developmental) stage that today, the motherboard, its chip, the processing, connectivity, all of them cumulatively cost around $35, including memory, display, everything,

It looks like an iPad, only it’s just 1/14th the cost. It is truly wrong to compare this unnamed device with iPad, so let us just look at the specs.

  • Linux Operating System
  • touch screen
  • built in keyboard
  • wi-fi connectivity
  • USB port
  • 2GB RAM memory
  • alternate solar battery support

The tablet is packed with Internet browsers, PDF reader and video conferencing facilities. What more? The minister expects the price to come down to $20 (approx Rs 920)!

Here is a news report of the same

Update (Oct 5th 2011): Aakash $35 tablet has been officially released today by the Indian Government. Check out Aakash tablet!


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  • ha14

    Is this the price for the public?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      supposed to be. The price is expected to come down further by the time it reaches public

  • aamin

    when its going to get by public?

  • subha

    is it possible that rs 1600 laptop come in market? if came then when it is available ?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      2011 is the expected release date

  • Jmaine

    This is such a wonderful development..i will love to try my hands on this device..

  • margret

    i am very exited to buy this device of india…………..

  • Rahul

    please when i get i this computer

  • sanjana

    is it available in Mangalore?

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    please tell me where to buy hcl sakshat tablet from

  • veer

    plz call me or mail and sms me when this tablet avilabe to buy in delhi….i am very thankfull u……plzzz

  • sudhir

    How much time it will take to launch for a common people. What Mr. Kapil Sibbal is doing on it?

  • Ifham Ul Islam

    how can i buy this TABLET, can any body tell me… whats its features how to buy, how much will it cost to normal civilain, can i also use SIM card in the phone for internet purpose and calling purposes….
    Can anybody Guide me plzzzzzz.

  • Killer

    we can buy this chotaDON from 25 december , 2011

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    i am very exited to by this but when