I recently upgraded my iPhone to iOS 4.0 and came across a weird SMS notification which I have never seen before. Hence not sure if it is a bug from upgrading to iOS4 or that it has always been there and I have just never came across it previously.

The Phantom Alert


I had an alert saying that I had an unread SMS message, although if you went into the Messages Application there were no blue dots indicating I had an unread message. As a precaution I went into all the names of people from whom I received messages scrolled up and down to see if I had missed one by chance, then exited the app. It was still there, I done this several times even going back several days scrolling up and down in case I had missed one, I hadn’t but the alert was still there on the home screen.

I also tried switching the phone off and on to see if this would resolve the problem, but not luck.

I read one article on this type of issue from iPhone 2.0 days, and it just said to delete your messages which I did not want to do.


It did lead me to try something and this solved the issue, what I did was go back into the messages, into the last person who sent me a text, clicked Edit, then selected the last 5 texts he sent me. From there you can either forward or delete them, I did neither and just clicked on Cancel. Once I exited the application the notification had gone.

I hope some of you may find this useful, as I found it very frustrating seeing the alert there knowing I did not have a message

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