Even though, Windows 7 can be called a nearly perfect operating system, there are a lot of utilities that if used, enhances Windows both, in terms performance and beauty.  Plus continuous usage for some time gathers garbage, this requires regular cleaning and optimization.


Here is a compilation of best 5 Windows Tweaking applications that one should have, to maintain and beautify the operating system.

1. Tune Up Utilities

This tweaking utility is probably the best assembly of tools regularly required to maintain smooth operation of PCs. It also has some tools that can be used for minor beautification tweaks like changing the Logon window etc. The tool is called Tune Up Styler. It also includes Tune Up Live Optimizer, which keep on boosting the PC performance on the run. Even though you might have to shed some bucks to get this product, it’s worth it.

2. Ccleaner

Even if this product is not a complete solution to all PC problems, yet it does what it has been made to do, and does it in best possible way. It’s extremely light and easy to use application. It has been developed to cleanse the system of all the mal-content that gathers in due time, like web-cache, Chkdsk files, temp files etc. It also fixes any registry related issues.

3. Soluto

I was really concerned about the desktop at my home, which isused by my parents. I assure you, only thing father knows about computers is, opening a word-pad and typing his documents and opening an e-mail client and mailing people. When he complained of PC taking forever to boot, only application that I could recommend was Soluto. I asked him to install that and he was able to fix that boot-time by removing the applications that ran during the startup.
Well, that’s what this application does. Fixes PC’s boot time, but apparently it has been developed in such a way that even the newbies can use it.

4. Advanced System Optimizer

If you are willing to pay there is another commercial application that is an excellent system optimizer for Windows. It is named as Advanced System Optimizer, and it has almost all the utilities required. But the problem is that it has too many advanced options for the users and hence is not recommended for those who are new to tweaking and optimizing.

5. Win Bubble

If you are looking for an overall solution, but a freeware, you can go for Win Bubble. It provides a lot of options to tweak and enhance operating system.

So, which is your favorite? Feel free to let us know what you like in the optimizer you use.

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