Have you ever seen a Facebook or Twitter profile picture which is actually a short video that loops over and over again? Do you wish to create one such profile pic for your Facebook or Twitter account? Well, you can create that in a few minutes with a new online tool called VanityVid.


Vanityvid is an Israeli startup that turns the users profile pic into a video on Facebook, Twitter and more. A Vanityvid lets your profile pic come alive. Wherever your profile pic shows, be it on social networks or online communities or even blog comments, people will also be able to see you move and hear you talking, and get a better feeling of who you are and what you’re like.

The videos can be created through a webcam, emailing through your cellphone or by uploading a video file directly. The Vanityvids can be at max 17 seconds long and up to 20 different Vanityvids are allowed for a single account.

Let me make it clear. Currently VanityVid does NOT replace your Facebook (or Twitter) profile picture. That is because Vanityvids would be displayed on sites which partner with them and they are currently waiting for an official partnership with Facebook and Twitter. So, currently, the best way to view Vanityvids on profiles like Facebook and Twitter is through their add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. Once you have the add-on installed, if a profile you are browsing has a Vanityvid created photo, you will see the video when you click on it.

The video demo from one of the VanityVid founders explains the service in detail.

Innovative, isn’t it? I find this simple service a real fun tool to have. It would be great if they can allow users to embed videos from sites like Youtube and may be Facebook itself. If you are a blogger using WordPress, VanityVid has a WordPress plugin with some interesting features.

VanityVid WordPress Plugin

The basic idea is to let bloggers post an “About me” video and let their readers have their own VanityVids in the comment section. Your Vanityvid will appear wherever your WordPress avatar appears on your blog. It will also appear on other blogs that installed this plugin.

Having videos instead of just plain profile pics increases the interaction and engagement of your blog, makes it more social, and it’s also just plain cool. This may not be relevant for all blogs and bloggers, but will definitely sounds interesting for community based blogs and buddypress forums.

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