Ever wondered how actually WinFS would have looked like if all its Relational Schemas, dreams and ideas were finally put to implementation. If I divulge myself further, thinking what it would have been, I would paint a picture which would resemble something much similar to what we know as Tabbles. After spending last few hours on this marvelous application, all I could say was “awesome”.  The developer has done a brilliant job with the design and WPF/F# has added all the flavors that you can expect from an eye-catchy and beautiful desktop app.

What is Tabbles?

Tabbles comes from two words tag + bubble.  It’s basically a file-organizer but with completely different views about organization. Its philosophy is that you don’t need to remember where the file is; rather it identifies and relates files with respect to each other by tags. So, instead of knowing where the file is you just needs to know what the file was about and you can easily find the file using its clean and uncluttered interface.

Tabbles Tag Association

Why is it better than what we have now?

Be it Windows 7’s library feature or be it the favorites, each of them uses folders as their primary organizing factor. You need to add folders to the library so that it can be easily accessible from there, but what if you want a single file to be categorized in separate folders, or for that matter, under separate ideas? Certainly, there is no way you can do that unless you choose to use some applications. But in Tabbles, you can associate any file with as many tags as you want, and when a tag is created, it functions as a virtual folder and can be accessible easily by tag-links.

But what if you want to zip and export the data in a particular folder? Well, all you have to do is to select files and simply export using built tool and you get the zip needed. And if you are already a very organized person, then all you have to do is to write some rules and then tag them according to the folder structure.

Features just don’t end up here, you can also tag all URL’s that u may need with a particular tag using the bookmarklets and then associate them. Also, this feature can be used to tag mails and tweets.


Where it lacks?

One of the places where I found it lacking was when I found out that as of now, I can’t tag my mails in Outlook or Thunderbird with Tabbles. Also another feature that I found missing was ‘comments’. If I put so much effort in organizing my files, I would definitely wish to put my comments and snippets with my files.

What boggled me was the endless time it would take in setting up this application, but if you have a clean PC or unlike me you are an organizing freak, you would love this app.

The free version available is essentially useless as it allows only 1000 files to be tagged, but what should fit you perfectly is the home edition available at 29.99$. But for people who are always on the go and want sharing along with file tagging, a corporate license is also available for 97.99$.

Tabbles Home License Giveaway

We have 30 Free licenses of Tabbles Home to give away, each worth $29.99! As always we keep the requirements to join the giveaway simple.

  • Join TechPP Facebook Page. Visit the link and click on “Like” button at the top. If you are already following us on Facebook, then you are already in.
  • Make sure you leave a comment below with your Facebook name.
  • Join the Tabbles forum and get to meet like-minded people. Of-course this is not mandatory requirement for the giveaway, but it’s a great place to understand Tabbles.

Giveaway ends 4th Aug 2010. Feel free to share this with your friends. Quality software like Tabbles does need more publicity and exposure.


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41 thoughts on “Tabbles: Advance File-Organization Utility [Giveaway]

  1. Hello Raju,

    this is Andrea from

    when you say “endless time it would take in setting up this application” are you referring to setting up the .net framework?



  2. TechPP,
    Please enter me in the Tabbles giveaway contest.
    I’m a Facebook Fan as William Boyd.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, I like the auto tagging feature in Tabbles, once the file is tagged will be easily located in Tabbles and even is not well organized on the hard drive. Tabbles also provides meta-tagging something that windows index lakes it.

  4. Thanks for GiveAway , I am already a fan on your Facebook page
    facebook : sirdimutruk
    forum name : kurtumi

    Good luck everyone

  5. @Andrea D’Intino
    Yes and no. I must say setting up of .net 4.0 is a hassle, but what i really meant was when i already have loads of documents and other files lying around it takes real good time in sorting and tagging stuffs.

  6. @Ujjwal Kanth

    you should try the auto-tagging: start drag’n’dropping a folder into a tabble (or right click on it and then “tag”).
    Then have a look at: Tools > Auto-tagging rules > New

    Tagging in Tabbles is meant to be 80%-90% automatic (based on filename and folder)… if you’re tagging files one by one then you’re definitely following the slow path! 🙂

  7. I used another free tagging soft to organize muy desktop but for me was complicated, Tabbles has a better way to do it and faster approach, Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. ’tis a sad day when one is expected to join a social network so that one may have a chance to get a license for some software….no thanks

  9. Hi there,
    I currently have Tagged Frog installed on my laptop for file tagging purpose.However it’s feature set is limited.On the other hand,Tabbles sports a plethora of features.So,given a chance I would love to make the switch.Hence,count me in the raffle.Since I am not present on facebook,I am unable to connect wth you on that site.Sorry for that.However,I am already connected to you through the email newsletter.

  10. Please sing me up for the contest it would be nice to get on license, it will help A LOT at work for me since i have to mange loads of documents and 2 projects:)

    Facebook name : Mihai Alex

  11. Hi,
    I’m john and would like to participate in your giveaway. I have clicked the like option on my facebook for your site. Here is my facebook account and profile:!/people/John-Demri/100001440046889
    John Demri

    I also put the comment on your facebook wall. Hope it would not annoy you.

    I have a common home PC which is used by all the family members. Having Tabbles would make it easier to tag the documents, Pictures, with the tag for each family member.

    PS: I’m using IE6 and even after multiple attemps get the error on accessing your site. Most of the time IE closed the page on me.

    Line: 4
    Char: 19
    Error: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object
    Code: 0

    I’m sorry to say but I’m not a computer technician to understand the errors above. I just put what I saw in the error box.


    • @jelson,
      Your comment on 4th August got deleted due to database migration issue. But I had manually noted down the entry so wasn’t an issue. And I haven’t deleted your comment “again”. So you don’t need to worry anymore.

  12. Well,am sure am too late,but better late than never.This software looks cool and it will help me organize and neaten my numerous number of files and folders.I would love to have it,please.

    Facebook: Lovemore Gwazhe

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