Smartphones these days are getting smarter by the day. How is the possibility of controlling and managing your PC when you are miles away with just a mobile phone? Well, that is what ‘PC in My Hand’ does!

PC in My Hand is a professional and reliable application designed to help you realize your ideas: boot and control your system remotely from internet use your any mobile devices when you need it. This application is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile/PPC, Nokia/Symbian, Palm, ipad and more.


Setting up PC in My hand might take some time, but it is a one time effort anyway. You need to create an account and bind the settings. For the application to work, you need a PC with a wired network interface card (NIC) that supports Wake on LAN and also a Router connected to Internet. Once you have set up the application, you can remote control your PC with mobile device browser even it has been completely shut down. A detailed guide to set it up is provided here.

PC in My hand – Features

  • Turn your PC on remotely, as well as shut down, restart.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your office, house using the Webcam capture
  • Transfer your files between client device and remote PC

Download PC In My Hand


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