GMail is by far the best free email service available right now. But as a service coming from Google, those ads on top and on the right aren’t something really helpful. A new Free browser add-on called Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with contact info about the sender. So all those contextual ads on the right pane turn into contextually relevant information about the sender.

Rapportive comes as a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome and automatically adds a dynamic widget in the form a sidebar to incoming Gmail messages. Once you start using Rapportive, you will really start appreciating the worth of this small add-on. It’s been just 2 days since I started using it but the usefulness of this extension is enormous.


Except for your name and Gmail address, Rapportive doesn’t need much data to get started. It is not that I am against Google monetizing their free mail service, but I will always prefer seeing the photos, biographic data and social media links, including a live display of recent Tweets of the sender rather than some ads.

I would love to see your comments if you bothered to install Rapportive.


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