The ongoing fiasco about data security in India can reportedly widen to encompass Google and Skype with Blackberry already on loggerheads with the Indian government. There are talks of Blackberry being temporarily banned in India for security reasons, since RIM is adamant with its stand of not acceding to the pressure tactics of the Indian government.

What’s shocking to know is that even Google and Skype instant messaging services can be blocked for the same reasons as given to Blackberry. According to The Financial Times, a meeting held on July 12 between telecommunication ministry security officials and operator associations, gave enough indications that these services may be blocked if they don’t come up with solutions to “intercept and monitor” encrypted communications.

“Some of them are BlackBerry, Skype, Google etc. It was decided first to undertake the issue of BlackBerry and then the other services.”

Reuters reports that India has set an Aug 31. deadline for RIM. It wants access in a readable format to encrypted BlackBerry communication, on grounds it could be used by militants. Going by the indications, what India is looking for is a deal similar to what RIM had with Saudi Arabia where they agreed to give authorities codes for BlackBerry Messenger users.

In case you are wondering why only BlackBerry is facing trouble in countries like India and Saudi Arabia, it is because they, unlike Nokia and Apple, operate their own network through secure servers located in Canada, Britain and other countries. This very feature being their major selling point with many enterprises and large organizations.

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