One of the very few things lacking in GMail is the ability to schedule emails, something very basic and a must have feature. There are third party tools like Sendible which can schedule emails, they are definitely not user friendly. I always wished for an in-built option within Gmail which can schedule the email to be sent at a time I like to, say when you want to wish your beloveds on their birthday right when it strikes 12 in the night!

Well, the matter of fact is GMail doesn’t allow scheduling of emails (even under GMail Labs). But luckily, Baydin has a solution – Boomerang for GMail. A Firefox and Google Chrome add-on which can schedule the emails to be sent at a time you set! Perfect, isn’t it?

Schedule when to send an email in Gmail


Once you have your message ready, click on “Send Later” button (with a boomerang icon) and choose what time you want the message to be sent. That’s it! Boomerang will automatically send the message at that time, using Gmail’s servers.

Receive email when you want it

What more? Boomerang can even decide when to receive an email so that it gets deferred and skips being shown in your inbox till that time! Boomerang marks the email unread and starred, so it gets your attention.


I can already think of so many uses of Boomerang. Using it as a Birthday Reminder, as a remainder service, task manager/scheduler and best of all to clear the inbox clutter and keep it clean when you are expecting something really important.

Boomerang for Gmail is currently in public beta, so you would need an invite before you get to try it. You can sign-up for beta here. You need to know that Boomerang integrates with GMail on your web browser, so it would need access to your mail data. But that shouldn’t be a concern, as according to the CEO of Baydin, they only store the headers of the message (subject, sender, time) and nothing else.


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