We have previously written extensively about the importance of using a VPN, be it a free vpn service or the premium service. In addition to hiding your IP and ensuring privacy, VPN helps you access area specific websites like Hulu, ABC etc and any blocked websites.


VPNTraffic is a new entrant to the overly populated Premium VPN market. Like many others, it is also PPTP based and hence supports multiple platforms like Windows and Mac OS. I have been testing Vpntraffic for the past few days and I must say the service has been fairly good. Except once when their servers went offline, the vpn service has managed to perform as advertised.

With Vpntraffic I could easily stream multiple online episodes on Hulu, watch a couple of NFL games and even voice chat on Skype without buffering issues. The connection was reliable most of the times. The best part of Vpntraffic is that the pricing. They have a single “multi-vpn” plan which comes in 3 packages – 1 month, 3 months and 12 months costing $5, $10 and $35 respectively.

If you are looking for a professional and cheap VPN service, you can definitely go for VPNTraffic. But I would suggest you to take a monthly plan to test it out yourself before committing for a bigger package. Some Premium VPN services these days are ‘fly-by-night’ kinds, so it is always better to go for trusted ones. VPNtraffic is affiliated with another reliable vpn host – VPNHere. You have the option to pay via Paypal, Credit Cards or Wire Transfer.

Unlike some VPN services, there are no restrictions on Torrent & P2P with VPNTraffic. For a partly fee of $5 per month, it is definitely worth a shot. For $5, you get both US & Japan based IPs.

VPNTraffic – Exclusive Free VPN giveaway

Being an exclusive reader of TechPP, you stand a chance to win a free license of VPNTraffic valid for a month. There are 25 free licenses to be given away. All you need to do is leave a comment below to register for the contest. We keep arranging giveaways like this, so make sure you subscribe to our daily email newsletter and fan us on Facebook. Then you will never miss an opportunity and will also keep abreast with the latest in tech world. The giveaway ends on 22nd Aug 2010.

Update: Winners announced-
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  • agaz

    whether it is a legal service as far as I vpn in Indonesia is a subscription service that illegally each month must have the server down what it is also happening with this vpn

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      I am not sure what your concern is, if it is about how trustworthy this VPN service is, as I mentioned in the article, this is from the people behind vpnhere.com which has been around for a while, so can be trusted. As I always suggest, go for a monthly subscription especially when it is as low as $5, so that you don’t lose much even in case you get cheated.

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