The popular Internet phone gadget, magicJack is set to launch magicTalk, a new service which allows you to make free calls from your computers, smart phones and iPads to landline and cellphones in the US and Canada, with no time limits on the calls, and users would only get charged if they try to make a call while outside the U.S. and Canada

magicJack is known for its USB based VOIP hardware. Unlike magicJack, magicTalk software will be purely software based service which works on Windows and Mac operating systems and will be available next week. There will also be versions for smart phones and tablets including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad etc, which will likely be out sometime in September or October.

Though users cannot make free international calls, Magic Talk can still be considered revolutionary and next generation technology since they do not have any restriction to call any phone within US & Canada. MagicTalk would stand apart from competitors like Skype, which charges users to make calls to phone numbers, and Google Voice, which requires users to make calls from their own phones.

Each magicTalk user gets a phone number associated with the software and can even choose to port over any existing numbers to magicTalk at a cost. Although magicTalk calls won’t be limited in duration, the company has specified it’s not intended for nonstop calls around the clock.



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  • Mustafa

    So where is Magic Talk?

  • Flightlover

    that’s right…where is MagicTalk???

  • Sbass45512

    i’d like to know too……

  • Dave

    The company announced the software would be available for download back in August 2010. Maybe it’s a hoax. The company’s website says nothing about MagicTalk. I think they just want to steer web traffic to their site to promote MagicJack.

    • Ssbass45512

      must be a hoax,,, or they would have had the software out there for download

  • Wanted

    my magicjack pops up a window sometimes asking if i received a promo code for magictalk and it says if not close this window and plug in your magic jack. my magicjack drops calls all the time and they have nothing to say about it. i have tried three different ones on four different computers and still the same problem they said i needed to upgrade, i did same problems.

  • Alberto

    Here’s the website where you can download MajicTalk.

    • Sharen

      Oh my god! When I click on the down load bitten, no thing is happened. Is there anyone can down load it successfully?

  • charelie

    you cant use magic talk to make calls from your smartphone smarty

  • Kad

    i love majic talk, i’m waiting for the Ipad version :)

  • Rose

    Where i download free magic jack software?

  • amar

    how can i make a call?

  • Ray

    how can i forward calls from mag talk to my phone

  • Nooruddin Gilani

    I am waiting for magic talk for iPod iPhone android apps