You might have tried a couple of tricks to increase uTorrent download speed, and if you are still unhappy, then have a look at DNA in uTorrent.

Enable DNA in uTorrent

DNA in uTorrent is a service from BitTorrent which helps you increase utorrent download speed. The funda behind DNA is simple – it accelerates by downloading in parallel from multiple sources and for a shorter period instead of using the same source for longer time.

Logically speaking, the technique must definitely boost up the uTorrent speed since the load on one source is reduced by distributing it across multiple sources. But then, the number of seeds is still a major factor for the download speed.


In order to use DNA, you need to get the DNA client which is a separate installation from BitTorrent client. Once you install it, enable DNA in the uTorrent client by going to Options –> Preferences –> DNA. Then check the option which says Enable DNA Powered Downloads

One must understand that not every content you download is DNA powered. Only content which has used DNA technology to distribute and are getting downloaded by the client can make use of it. However you can make your own DNA Accelerated Content. Know more about BitTorrent DNA over here.


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