All the rumors about Facebook’s geo-location based service have been put to rest with Facebook Places that allows users to share their locations with friends – and allows their friends to be updated in real-time. The service is very much similar to services like Foursquare and Gowalla, but right now accessible only in the US. Support for other countries will be rolled out soon.


Facebook Places & Privacy

Privacy is a concern for many (as it has always been with Facebook). Your friends will be able to tag you but you can always opt-out of having friends tag you on check-in. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Places isn’t about sharing your location with the world; it’s about finding places and sharing them with your friends.

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Facebook Places Availability

Facebook Places will initially be available for the iPhone as an app and apps for both Android and Blackberry are expected soon by next month. For developers, Facebook has made available a Read API however, the Write & Search API is in closed Beta.

Facebook has managed to play safe by tying up with Gowalla, Foursquare & Yelp. I would still think the businesses of these relatively smaller companies will take a hit with Facebook Places.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Places is Cool but Creepy

  1. you have write a great blog. i also such a big fan of the facebook.The goal, of course, is to take the virtual relationships that we’ve recreated with old friends on Facebook and bring them into the physical world, too. And, if you really start to look beyond that, you can imagine the interaction you might have with local businesses who will know that you’re in the area – and might want to entice you into their businesses with a coupon or some other promotion.Thanks for share the nice information.

    • Thanks for the kind words harly. It’s a positive way to look at the service. But the negative side to it also exists. Since we are not sure what exact details are being shared with the businesses, one cannot feel safe completely. I would love to see Facebook come out and give the details as to what exact data will be shared (directly & indirectly) with the third party businesses.

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