Before you read any further, go to Cydia and download multifl0w. Oh! you don’t have Cydia? Oops! You haven’t jailbroken your iDevice then. May be you should. Wait! May be you shouldn’t. Anyway, if you already have a jailbroken phone and don’t mind spending $4.99, check out multifl0w app on Cydia.


multifl0w is an awesome way to multitask, re-arrange your tabs on jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It’s true that you get multitasking ever since you upgraded to iOS 4, which is pretty slick and works well. But then with multifl0w app, you get Expose like multi-tasking. Expose is a popular feature in Apple Mac OS X to view all open windows in tiles format by pressing a single key and multifl0w does exactly the same. Multifl0w is created by a Georgian student and iOS developer, Aaron Ash.


multifl0w shows all the open or recently used applications in tabs (grid) format and the user can easily shuffle or switch between those tabs. What more? You can re-arrange or close those app tabs. The multifl0w app works along with or may even replace Apple’s default multi-tasking feature.

Multifl0w requires Backgrounder, another multitasking app in Cydia to work properly. The app works fine on both iPhone and iPad, but you must note that it supports only the portrait mode in iPad for now. It is elegant, animations are fast and cool and most importantly, it doesn’t slow down your iDevice.

Steve might be having a look at this and thinking “Next time, we will better this”

Check out the video demo

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