The top Indian telecom and security officials are currently meeting in New Delhi to discuss the Blackberry security issue which could essentially mean the end of Blackberry services in India if at all the standoff comes to a deadlock as predicted by many.

The Indian government had warned earlier this month that it would start blocking emails and instant messages sent on BlackBerry smartphones unless the company came up with a way for security agencies to decode the encrypted traffic by August 31.


Now that the BlackBerry Ban seems imminent, several Indian companies have started mulling alternate options to BlackBerry services, which would mean a huge gain in share to RIM rivals like Nokia and Apple. According to Reuters, companies like GE India & Infosys have already started discussing options to switch to other services.

India, which has 1.1 million BlackBerry users, would be the first country to curb its services. But RIM is also facing a threatened ban by the United Arab Emirates and is negotiating with Saudi Arabia on security issues.

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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry India Ban Looms – Apple & Nokia Look to Gain Share

  1. Im not going to India anyway. Not having BlackBerry would deprive a lot of Indian citizens with a lot of awesome things that Blackberry has been offering.

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