The Samsung Galaxy S series of Android phones have been a run away success all over the world, specially in Korea and US. Samsung recently announced that they have sold over a million Samsung Galaxy S phones in less than 45 days of its launch in US alone.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S Phones

Samsung Galaxy S series has 4 popular models – namely Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Epic 4G. Many people do not have a clue as to what differentiates these 4 models. So here is a brief comparison, courtesy BillShrink. The poster has 2 parts, the first one compares the similarities between the phones in terms of specifications, while these second part touches upon the differentiating factors.

Samsung Galaxy S – Common Factors


Samsung Galaxy S – Differentiating Factors


That should help you understand and decide which model to go for, isn’t it?


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