The Samsung Galaxy S series of Android phones have been a run away success all over the world, specially in Korea and US. Samsung recently announced that they have sold over a million Samsung Galaxy S phones in less than 45 days of its launch in US alone.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S Phones

Samsung Galaxy S series has 4 popular models – namely Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Epic 4G. Many people do not have a clue as to what differentiates these 4 models. So here is a brief comparison, courtesy BillShrink. The poster has 2 parts, the first one compares the similarities between the phones in terms of specifications, while these second part touches upon the differentiating factors.

Samsung Galaxy S – Common Factors


Samsung Galaxy S – Differentiating Factors


That should help you understand and decide which model to go for, isn’t it?



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15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S – Fascinate vs Captivate vs Vibrant vs Epic 4G

  1. this is all wrong. like all of it. the phone names are all messed up. the first one is the vibrant (have it) second is right, third is the fascinate, last one is right to.
    the vibrant has front facing camera. no flash on either. memory is 16gig + 32 gig external. mobile hot spot, yes (5 devises)
    so this chart is all messed up

  2. They’re not taking about bell and telus models. These are the VERIZON fascinate and the T-MOBILE vibrant. Read.

  3. Yes this is very wrong, The Galaxy S with the Hard Home button (three buttons on the front) IS THE VIBRANT!!! Which also has a front facing camera, and i am sure the others do too, fascinate most deffinetly does, not sure about captivate and others. Maybe get your facts straight before you write this stuff and make fancy charts?

  4. seems that you all have the vibrant mistaken. or you may have a different version of it. as it seems I have one that I am looking at right now…has 4 buttons on the front which are not hard bottons. yes it is the 3rd picture on the chart above. yes it can serve as a hotspot. this can all be cleared up if you all TURNED YOU PHONES ON the very first screen it will tell you what the phone is called IF IT’S A GALAXY S TYPE PHONE. THE CAPTIVATE SAYS CAPTIVATE THE VIBRANT SAYS VIBRANT ECT ECT. so all these people who think they know what they are talking about must not actually own A GALAXY S type phone…enough said

    • Well I own a galaxy s captivate it says galaxy s when powering on and galaxys on the back and mine came with froyo2.2 it has a front camera but dosent seam to be funtional no flash this site could confuse people redo it

  5. The Captivate and The Vibrant are almost identical phone EXCEPT for the shape of the phone itself. My brother owns a Captivate and I own a Vibrant the 3rd and 4th Picture above. The Epic 4g, Captivate and Vibrant neither have hard buttons on the bottom of phone THAT’S THE FASCINATE ONLY with the hard home button…come on people it’s common sense…all you “techies” that posted gimme a break. learn what google is and what it’s for

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