Music, for many, is one of the best things in life, as it can be the perfect way to refresh, entertain, bringing back those old memories, creating some good feelings, distracting you from problems and providing the much needed comfort to you. In a nut shell it creates a mood which betrays your brain. But one of the biggest problems you may come across at times is that you are unable to find the right music according to the mood? Is it really that difficult? Well, check out Musicovery which helps and allows you to play music according to your mood.

Musicovery as a music website allows you to play music according to the mood and genre. One can easily select his favorite artist and listen to his favorite songs. This will display search results in a visually attractive way. As the name suggests, Musicovery stands for ‘Music Discovery’


On left side panel you find options which will help you out in choosing the songs to be played according to your mood. It offers both free and paid membership. With free account you can listen songs randomly which totally depends on your mood or in other words you can create your own playlists but with the disadvantage you can’t choose your own songs in that playlist. In premium account you can make your own playlist and play any song of your choice.

Some of the features are being listed below:

  • Online Radio Player
  • Creates music according to your choice.
  • Able to access it through iTunes on iPhone, iPod and mobile phones
  • Stations available according to your mood
  • You can visually see how songs are related when added to their playlist.

Check out Musicovery to play tracks by mood and genre.

Do let us know your views on this app.

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