revo_uninstaller_01Are you bugged up regarding the useless stuff residing in your PC and eating up all your free space? Then you should definitely try the REVO Uninstaller, since it is a cool program which does not require you to do anything, but all the useless files residing in your PC are cleaned up within a few seconds right in front of your eyes.

Even if you are having some problems regarding the uninstallation of some crappy software and you are not able to uninstall it from the Windows Add or Remove Programs in the control panel section, Revo Uninstaller will help you to remove the complete trace of that software from your PC. Revo Uninstaller is an amazingly powerful alternate to the Windows Add or Remove Programs.

Installation and Usage:

You just need to download and install the setup file and that’s it. You are done with the installation. As we go on to the main window of the program it shows all the stuffs which are installed in the your PC with each and every detail. For eg. from reg. key to links of the provider. The process of uninstallation is such that, you don’t need to do anything, because the application has such a powerful algorithm that it, carefully does all the work for you. In just 2-3 simple steps, your PC will be safe and complete cleaned from unwanted files.

These steps involve:

  • Creating system restore point and full registration backup.
  • Analyzing and starting the program’s built-in uninstaller for default uninstalltion.
  • After uninstalltion the leftover files are scanned and hence they are removed from the PC, which saves a lot of space on your PC that is been eaten up by registry files and other unwanted files.



I have used this program for couple of days and would like to draw some closer observations which are as follows:

  • It has a powerful mechanism which even forces uninstallation of stubborn programs.
  • Helps removing remnants (i.e leftover) files of uninstalled programs.
  • Allows monitoring and tracing of programs for complete uninstalltion.
  • Has multi-level backup system for safe unistallation.
  • Helps removing incomplete installations and partially uninstalled programs


Revo Uninstaller has a simple user interface and anyone can use it quite easily. It is handy and powerful cleaner to cleanup your system and that too free of cost.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Recommended By Author)

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3 thoughts on “Protect Your PC From Unwanted Files With Revo Uninstaller

  1. Three points:
    1) Revo starts by creating a restore point and making a Registry backup, not a registration backup.
    2) You say just about nothing about the fact that the third step in Revo’s process involves its doing a Registry scan and identifying items in the Registry that should be removed once a program has been uninstalled. This requires a certain amount of knowledge and attention on the part of the user. Sometimes (not often) Revo identifies keys that should not be removed. At any rate, the user has to put a check mark next to the Registry items that should be deleted and tell Revo to delete them. The Registry step is probably the part of Revo that is most valuable and most difficult.
    3) You say nothing about there being a FREE version as well as the Pro version you show. The free version works very well, though it doesn’t have all the features of the Pro. But it has the important ones.

  2. So do we download the Pro version and get a free license or download the free version?Maybe you should have provided a download link,which is the usual thing here.I downloaded the free version,I don’t know how it compares to the Pro.It looks cool.Thanks!

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