Twitter Newspaper! That doesn’t sound right, isn’t it? How can a service known for its limitation of 140 characters be associated with a newspaper? Well, does that for you. is a relatively new web app that basically lets you turn Twitter streams, tags and lists into daily online newspapers. If you look at Twitter as a source of latest and interesting news and titbits, then is a must try web app which organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy-to-skim page that makes it look like a magazine.


Though the service is still in alpha, is pretty accurate in the way it groups and displays the links. It also automatically creates topical sections like Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Photos, Politics and Business. If you hover over the source of each link or photo, you can reply, retweet, follow or unfollow and favorite that user.

I find to be extra useful specially when I am away from Twitter for a day or two and want to quickly catch up with the happenings on the Twitter world. With the service being in alpha, it lacks the customization ability when it comes to what sections the links are placed in, but it still does its job neatly. is much like Flipboard app for iPad and requires you to login with either Facebook or Twitter before you create your own newspaper. Check out my personalized newspaper which doesn’t require you to be logged in.


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