Here is a quick heads up about two unrelated leaks making rounds on the web right now – one, a video of Internet Explorer 9 beta and two, few screenshots of webOS 2.0.


Internet Explorer 9 beta Leaked Video

The IE 9 beta is expected to be announced on September 15th, but a new video has been leaked into the wild by iebest who claims to have installer of IE9 beta which they have got from a Microsoft insider supposedly.

The leaked video shows the features of Internet explorer 9 in addition to its new looks, which is not completely different to the previous versions of IE, contrary to the rumors making rounds till now. Legit or not? Our guess is as good as yours. Have a look and decide for yourself.

WebOS 2.0 Leaked Pictures

A Chinese website, has posted several screen-shots of the highly anticipated webOS 2.0. From the screen shots we can see the addition of multiple IM account types, Cisco VPN support, Dropbox and Google Docs support, remote files storage with QuickOffice, and a lot more new features.


[via]Blogsdna & Engadget

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