If you love to listen to songs online or if you’re an YouTube addict, at times you might find it difficult to keep the track of favorite videos. So, bookmarking all the songs is one option for you. To save you from bookmarking all the favorite songs, Vidinotes as a web-based tool comes a rescue for you.


Vidinotes is a free and wonderful web based tool which allows you to create a quick summary of any video and gives you a complete freedom to share it with your loved ones and friends. This is a free video summarizing tool which allows you to capture several images from any FLV video that you upload and in an instant creates a graphic summary for you. With this tool you can create printable summary of video that you like online and gives you a complete freedom to add title and description to that song. This tool is as simple and does not require any rocket science knowledge. I will tell you how it works:

  • Upload any video in FLV format with maximum size of 25 MB
  • Now play that video in the inbuilt player
  • Capture any important sequence of that video
  • Now add titles and description to each screenshot
  • Give a title to that document and now you can print it or save it as a PDF

Vidinotes – Features

  • Creates printable summary of video by taking screenshots and adding notes to it.
  • No signup required
  • Supports only FLV video with a maximum size of 25 MB
  • Capture 30 images per video
  • Print it directly or save it a PDF file on your computer.

This tool can be used for personal as well as for professional use. But it has one major disadvantage that it works with FLV files only.

Check out Vidinotes to create a video summary.

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