If you thought Google Instant search was innovative and useful, you must try YouTube Instant and Google Maps Instant, both of which are independent works from non-Googlers.

YouTube Instant


With Google claiming that, Instant search saves me enough time, I was wondering where to utilize that saved time. Thankfully, Feross Aboukhadijeh, a computer science major at Stanford University, has developed a real cool time-waster which makes Youtube fast and crazy. The program guesses your search term and randomly selects a video for your viewing pleasure. The site is simplicity itself: just one box to enter search terms and one video player.

When Google Instant was announced, Feross made a bet with his room-mate saying he would replicate Google Instant on Youtube within an hour but he failed! He actually took 3 hours to build it! And guess what? Feross has landed himself a job at Youtube for this failed bet.

Check out YouTube Instant!

Google Maps Instant

Alabama-based developer, Michael Hart, has built Google Maps Instant, using jQuery and the Google Maps API, which is again a slick maps tool updating search for anywhere in the world. Hart took 193 revisions and 4 hours to come up with Google Maps Instant, but he is working hard on map pins and iPhone/Android functionality.

Check out Google Maps Instant!

[via] TechCrunch

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